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  1. Anyone have a turning thingy to lock out a Rockshox Gold 30 fork (2014)? I have a remote lock out but I want to dump this system and go the manual root instead. Busy trying to unclutter the cockpit a bit Any colour is great, willing to part with some beer coupons if needed
  2. Its a sales pitch way of saying its heavy Fixed your typo too 👍
  3. Thats in my hood, let me know if you need help
  4. Those old school units hoof out around 2 to 3w at 6v (if you're lucky). I recon by the time you finish the Freedom Challenge at record speed you might just be able to fully charge that external powerbank.
  5. Ag man Greg, just get yourself a dynamo for those cloudy and rainy days
  6. You're looking for chicken's teeth to rent there... Get a box from your LBS, watch vid's on youtube how to pack a MTB into a box, and away you go. Takes all of 10min and its done. Flying with the box is a painless excercise (well, on safair it was easy)
  7. I ride an xt, and I think a Norco is probably the 2nd best looking ride out there. But, those both hold their value better for resale in my small world
  8. Some good choices there. If my biasm allows then the XT or the Norco But, drop your bike budget to 20k, and use 5k for a decent helmet, bibs,kit, shoes etc. Remember, any new baaaik will cost you more than the price tag shows as the retailer (yes, even the LBS) will come along with the usual Oh, you need tubless tyres... here... kaaaching. Oh, now you want to add tyre sludge, here.... kaaaching. Oh, you need to pay for tyre tape, here.... kaaching. And so the list goes on. Your now 20k budget gets taken down to 15k plus upgrades and tools. My point is, you can haggle the retailer for these items to be thrown in instead of a discount. Or, check that it actaully has these prior to the purchase. Dont let them fool you into being a total newbie that has no idea and an endless credit card - unless of course, you do have an open card then the above is irrelevant. As for a carbon, you'd find a 2nder in that range for sure. Look around on the hub clasifieds and ask on the bring back the comments on classifieds thread and the guru's will help you out for pointers to a good or snakey deal.
  9. Thats a great weather app Johan - will you send me a link for the app please?
  10. Lol, I know. I was just checking if you were hanging the string out or not... Do you use a garmin? I know that you can get trails/route of others via the Garmin app on your phone. Maybe you'd find some there by going to the Worcester area on the app? Ps; you did hear that Ludi passed away recently
  11. 50, Have you checked on Trail Forks?
  12. Any idea where I can get a Lyne 27.2mm dropper post for a hard tail?
  13. Signal Hill, last ride for the SR71 before the wx sets in
  14. Did a similar run to you yesterday Colin. Took the SR71 and the Urban out for a breath of sea air
  15. Eye think you past us on saturday. Where you part of the mob going up the wrong way to the masts?
  16. Early morning SR71 session to the 'cliff Joey's still throws pearlers
  17. Top of the 'cliff with the SR71 Joey's throws a few pearlers in winter
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