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  1. clever little way to get classifieds onto the Forum post; just add "Whats it worth"
  2. Thanks Nick, I was pretty surprised to hear that they aren't selling it.
  3. I was pretty keen to give this unit a bash; with features vs price it looked like a valid option. However, got a pretty grim response this morning from the Durbanville Giant store.... they have returned all the units and no longer sell it due to technical issues..... Can anyone enlighten the rest of us whats up?
  4. 1: same routes 2: different dates 3: pros and super-keen amateurs do the race 4: more slots.... more randelas in organisers pockets
  5. Like ripping off a band aid; just do it
  6. short hand for suck it up cup cake- we saw what you are paying in SA, now we are matching those prices to milk you some more.
  7. FCH

    2017 Wines2Whales

    also true; only time will tell I guess
  8. FCH

    2017 Wines2Whales

    possibly effect of the travel cost and arrangements you need when doing the S2C? logistics and costs of heading to Cape Town is way easier and cheaper; with a massive pool of riders already based down here to start with.
  9. Changing to a 1X11 is a pretty simple affair- or as Myles said, if the 2 x10 have worked for you in the past, just stick to it.
  10. True on recycling; unfortunately resmelting is more energy ussage...but that is vs non recycling.
  11. I do get what they are saying ito carbon; but lets be honest, none is ideal. Aluminium mining aside, the processing is horendously energy hungry.
  12. Baby steps.... excuse the pun
  13. Cant see how 29er will be a cause, but who knows. Getting over it is all fine and well, but they do need to ask, was this just rotten luck,,, or are we missing something in the set up.
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