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  1. https://www.facebook.com/stbmtb
  2. Not really, a couple of elite riders in engineering
  3. Will take you with on that shortcuts tomorrow! Well done on the result today, Top 10 in a proper field!
  4. https://www.bikehub.co.za/index.php?app=hubmarket&module=core&do=view_item&item_id=71070&new=1
  5. Robbie Hunter ‏@RobbieHunternow I'd happily race another year to do my 10th TDF and i know i got the legs but guess teams don't think so.
  6. Robbie Hunter ‏@RobbieHunternow 16 years in europe not a bad run.. now new things to look forward to.
  7. Stefan is net in 'n ander klas! Aggressief die hele race, elke week!
  8. Christoff Smit Physio Best physio i have ever been to, he also did my mtb setup not sure how good the other physio in his rooms are so rather make an appointment with him http://www.christoffsmitphysio.co.za/
  9. Ai another doper - http://www.heraldsun...f-1226684658992 STUART O'Grady has admitted to doping before the 1998 Tour de France and says one horrible mistake will tarnish his entire career.
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