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  1. Thanks for the comments and advice. I will weight up the options and take it from there. A good service with some replacement parts would be good and I could use the bike on a the trainer for a whole lot longer. If I could get it up to a neo build - I may even take up some road riding if things work out.
  2. Wow! Great job! Well done! Think this is a great route to re-use an old frame.
  3. I was given an old Cosmos road bike by a colleague that emigrated. The bike is in use on my trainer and I've done around 600km so far. I have no idea how many km's its done its life but I am assuming a fair number since my colleague was an avid cyclist! It currently has a 7 speed Shimano Exage 500EX group set that still works fairly well. What are my upgrade options in terms of a new groupset? It would be great if I could put on something a little more modern with a 9 or 10 speed cassette derailleur. My knowledge on road bikes is limited and wanted some advice on what upgrades I should be considering. Or do I rather look for a newer model road bike for the trainer? Any and all advice would be appreciated.
  4. I think most of us here are in the same position. I bought a Trek X-Caliber 9 a few weeks back and already upgraded the brakes. My sons Titan 24" has a 26" Fox 32 fork, hydraulic brakes, tubeless, and a bunch of carbon bits. The upgraded bits may be worth as much as the bike. For me - its the excitement of researching and finding the right parts that will fit - and then actually seeing if I agree with the countless reviews I would have watched.
  5. Will be in Dullstroom next weekend and keen to take the bikes with. My is 6 and can comfortably manage a 15-20km ride. Safety is obviously extremely important - any recommendations? Dunkeld seems like a great possibility?
  6. Northern Farms safe? Planning on taking my 6 year old for a ride one of the weekends. I haven't ridden there in years...
  7. Upgraded my son's Titan 24" Hades fork to a 26" Fox F Series RLT. Nice improvement and looks great. Definitely given him more confidence to attack the technical bits.
  8. Good thread. Any suggestions on where I can find MTB shoes for kids? Most stores don't cater for the younger riders, i.e baggy mtb shorts are impossible to find.
  9. I went with the Titan Racing Hades 24" for my son. Its extremely well priced and much better than the Scott 24" and Axis 26" that my neighbors opted for.
  10. Great thread and a great outcome! I recently got my son a Titan 24" Hades and its already gone through a ton of upgrades. Whats more rewarding is being able to go on rides together!
  11. Ooh! Im not a roadie either - but damn - that looks nice!
  12. Damn - thats terrible news! That section is one of my favourites! Do you know how many were riding together?
  13. High 5 Peewee! Great looking bike!
  14. Collected my "goodie bag" today... They distributed Bona magazines?? lol!!
  15. Looking forward to it! The weather is fantastic!
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