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  1. You get Wels Catfish in most river systems in Spain. They get massive! Fishing that lake must be incredible.
  2. Had the same issue in a previous house when I fitted them. Hair dryer to soften, then add some weight while it cools down. May take a few tries.
  3. A question for the woodworkers: Where and how do you store your tools? I have a large collection of saws, planes, hammers, clamps, chisels, squares, etc. that I inherited from my grandfather. I want to build a usable storage solution in my workshop to keep them in. Any ideas?
  4. I actually have pretty long legs and long arms. My last bike (Pyga) was an XL and that fitted me fine, but from chatting with a few Primer owners in the US I decided that I was a borderline L/XL. I way prefer a more compact fit for the type of riding I do, but the L fits me perfectly.
  5. Very impressive and the value of your home must be improving massively. My only critique is to please take a hair dryer to those pendant cables to straighten them (I'm pedantic like that 😁)
  6. Wow! You are doing some pretty serious work to your house. Did you figure out the plastering, electrical, etc. as you went along, or did you have someone teach you?
  7. Odd, I'm 1.9m and ride a L and fit just fine on it. Intense Primer SL
  8. What's with that front /rear tyre combo? Did the previous owner supermoto it?
  9. Have a look into getting the stator rewound. Might be an option.
  10. The biggest bread knife you can locate was the best option I could come up with. Did the job myself once about 20 years ago. Never again!
  11. GM just seems to be that kind of guy. I used to bump into him periodically at Holla, and my son (who is also a big fan) went to say hi on a few occasions. For someone who is essentially a superstar on the international stage, Greg is a heck of a down to earth guy.
  12. Like I tell so many of my mates who fork out big $ for someone else to turn a hex key (since most shops don't bother to use torque wrenches anyway...), it's a just bicycle!! Not exactly the most complex piece of mechanical equipment - you only need a really basic set of tools to fix almost anything on a bike (rear shock service and wheel building are the only things I don't do at home). Learn to fix it yourself (youtube has great instructional vids for this), take your time to do it properly, and it will pay dividends.
  13. How did you get a 6m long board to your house???
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