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  1. Running a Pinion system, pretty neat:
  2. Not sure if these are official official, but: https://www.epic-series.com/capeepic-riders-liveresults
  3. @Phillippe Coetzee And as a function of doing the above well enough for long enough, you should find yourself in a group capable of holding the required speeds for 3 hours or less. Not impossible to do it on your own in the right conditions, but on top of your own fitness, the attitude and strength of the group will often be make or break for any <=3 hour ambitions.
  4. I see there are tented options from R1,000 per person. Not a comment on the price or value offered on this event, but knowing how many riders don't use the standard supplied tents at many stage races it does seem sensible to split accommodation out like this... don't pay for something you're not using. Source: https://www.waterbergtraversemtb.co.za/enter-2/
  5. We could look at adding a filter to the favourites list to show expired favourited ads. It does present some challenges though, currently you can't contact the seller of an expired ad. Only if they renew the advert will you have the option to contact them. If you have added a favourite you will receive an alert if the ad is re-listed. Obviously the Google option suggested is a great one to be able to simply view the ad.
  6. Evening @RobertWhitehead, ok so instead of a klap you come in from the left wing hurling insults at our team. How to make friends and fast track your support requests. You mentioned in October last year that the platform was “extremely buggy”. At the time I asked for further info in order to address, but no such feedback has been forthcoming. We have a well managed and prioritized backlog, but without useful feedback, tickets to match your list of gripes simply can’t be created.
  7. Matt

    Scam Alert

    Thanks for sharing here @Yaz There's a good chance that this ID is not of the actual person who scammed you but some other unwitting person they stole this ID photo from. Could you perhaps share any additional info, e.g. how they required payment, phone number etc. ?
  8. Correct, this figure is the listed at price and not necessarily the final selling price. We have data for a small but meaningful sample (1,200 transactions) and the difference was just 5.11%, i.e. selling price on average just 5.11% lower than listed price. In 2022 that difference was 4.2% across a similar number of transactions.
  9. Ok, that’s working as expected then… but any old “new” chat notifications will be a bit disconcerting. We’ve had a lot of feedback around it being too easy to miss a message. The idea is to show unread message count more prominently to prevent that.
  10. Can you please share a screen shot of what alerts you're seeing? Either here, DM or help@bikehub.co.za We released an update to the Chat functionality in Classifieds this morning that now incorporates a Chat inbox icon. It will show the count of unread messages, but that might include any old chats you never opened.
  11. After my dodgy Sram Level brakes on the old bike these actually feel ok. My Roscoe came with Ethirteen LG1 enduro rims and not the Bontrager. But the hubs are cup & cone. Dropper does the trick, for now. Only complaint is the plastic lever.
  12. I got the Roscoe 7 recently as a life simplification move / downgrade from a seldom-used & rapidly depreciating carbon dual sus. I'm very stoked with it and although already eyeing upgrade options (e.g. fork) if I'm honest with myself it works just great as-is for my current ambitions. I don't think you'll be disappointed. If current pricing on the Trek ZA site is accurate at R20k it's a solid deal IMO.
  13. Matt

    The Munga 2023

    Here you go: https://forum.bikehub.co.za/forum/95-good-causes/
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