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  1. I've used these, unfortunately they are not that easy to clip on while riding and this was on a road bike which obviously has a smoother ride
  2. Where can I see these handlebars - I am based in JHB/fourways
  3. is there route profile anywhere? waterpoints?
  4. I am based in JHB and would really like to see the handlebars - I am doing Joberg2c in April and think this would be a practical addition to the bike. I do tend to suffer from a bit of wrist pain when riding alot (I have had a set up done) and hoping this could ease the onset.
  5. I have ridden both, I have currently gone for egg beaters to shimano for the pure reason of being able to use my mtb shoes at the gym/watt bike class...I miss the float from the egg beaters and will probably go back to having 2 pair of shoes, egg beaters for the bike and spd for indoor sessions. if you buy the cheaper version of the egg beaters I believe you experience issue, I have bought the 2nd from top and ridden them for years, minor maintenance every 18 months or so
  6. https://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/salt-carbon-29er-wheelset https://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/marvel-xc-two-niner-carbon-wheelset either of these please!!
  7. I am looking to get a set of 29'er wheels for my bike - anyone bought from https://www.tokyowheel.com/ or have review of their products/service?
  8. So I have just come across this thread...obviously have not been on in ages...and I am fat and unfit and in the worst shape of my life..176cm and currently 97Kg's. I am doing my 1st spinning class in almost a year.....I need to be 80kg by June - if I don't have a heart attack and die today, this will be my 1st step to regaining some of my former glory!!!
  9. best bet - find someone in the uk that is coming to SA, buy it from CRC and deliver to them in uk and get them to bring it into SA
  10. if you dig a bit online you will find it -I recall reading it when it was announced 2 or 3 years back and another reader has said the same - I am not here to paint that store in a bad light
  11. I have picked this up previously....as understand a local online store is supplied by CRC and the reason for the price increase is to get/keep the prices in line with what we can get locally for said store.
  12. the route is roughly 40km - tues/thurs is fast wedn and Friday slower
  13. how do AC's Victory 30 wheels compare with the syncros wheels on scott foil 20 (2016)?
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