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  1. It’s the SPD’s that caught my eye really. Wonder what the price point would be compared to the Assioma route. I believe they the pedal to get when it comes to pedal based meters
  2. Sigh...more things I don’t need but really want. https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2021/03/garmin-rally-power-meter-review-spd-spd-sl-look-keo.html
  3. Cois, a fighter like you deserves a kickr. Both my parents fought this horrible disease so in very small way I know the challenges you are going through. I’ll get the ball rolling and I’ll put R2500 into the “Get Cois a kickr” pot!
  4. Do you know my cousin? He also works on an oil rig....been promising me a bicycle for years...
  5. Anybody heard anything about an attack on a rider there yesterday? Heard a rider was attacked with rocks after getting off to remove branches on the trail, around the Supertube area? Don’t see anything on IG about it and I’m not on Facebook to check. I ride there most weekends and ride alone so interested if any truth to this.
  6. Heard so many stories of people receiving second hand goods from them.
  7. 10 hours on the trainer?? Did you get lost? ????
  8. https://www.onedayonly.co.za/products/men-s-corsa-2-0-bib-shorts-20210226
  9. I went from the 530 to the Roam. Importing the trails was much the same between both devices. I found a notable difference when navigating though, the 530 would loose gps all the time and take ages to reroute when it did eventually find a signal again. The Roam is much better at holding a signal I found.
  10. I vomited a bit in my mouth watching that
  11. Cowhouse is also an option for a beginner, nothing technical and very flat
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