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  1. http://trailhounds.net/
  2. Willow Visit to the beach... Waiting for me to get on the bike...
  3. Thank you ' Dale, the assistance was much appreciated.
  4. I was cycling on the R312 (towards Paarl) around 9:35 this morning (22 March 2015). Just ahead of the Fisantekraal train bridge a man crossed the road and was now walking in the same direction I was cycling, as I passed him he pushed a stick into my back wheel. Fortunately I managed to stay upright and rode away to safety across the bridge, after being chased for a few meters he ran off into the bushes when he saw cars approaching. Thank you to the bunch of riders that stopped and cycled with me to a safer spot on Klipheuwel Road where I could wait for someone to fetch me.
  5. Willow 1000, House 0 Willow and Ash Willow at the beach
  6. CVANC

    Karoo to Coast

    Pfft, at least I rode down all the hills this year.
  7. CVANC

    Karoo to Coast

    On gravel 41.51kph.
  8. Anyone looking to win an entry - http://www.bicycling.co.za/news/trans-karoo-discount-offer/
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