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  1. Does anyone know when the Tygerberg annual membership gets discounted?
  2. Anyone ordered sunnies from www.outdoorspace.co.za?
  3. Can anyone confirm if Jonkers is back open again after being closed last weekend?
  4. "LET ALONE SPEAK ENGLISH PROPERLY" like that's ever a measure of someones intellect right?? Short in stature, short of understanding ?
  5. LOL, thats funny - considering the obvious !
  6. That's gonna be a lot of hurt - I don't think it was from the top last year. Then again like child birth I've blocked most of that from memory
  7. Where is stage 3 starting from - Saaltjie ?
  8. Most racists I encounter are in fact the "defenders against racism" - Straight out of Trumps handbook me thinks. I dont have the time nor emotional resolve to play matchy machy with every rider I come across on the trail. You'd definitely report me , I dont look like I should be riding a SC Nomad - but hey I promise its mine to can ask the Boss Lady !
  9. 6 hours for sure - I was the last guy down Armageddon at last years enduro. Quite a few pulled the plug at the bottom of Zululand, its a bloody tough call when you finish stage 3 and look back up the hill. Its almost better not knowing the course and how much you have to climb !
  10. Shimano brake hose please https://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/shimano-brake-hose
  11. Yup , I ride 203 front and back on my dh/enduro bike. You need an adapter for your frame though. As an aside you should be using your front brake more - thats where most of the stopping power is generated and not from the rear.
  12. I've found this very interesting - as my one kid rides to school, its not far but there are three road crossings,one of which is a pedestrian crossing. I don't think I'd have the same level of forgiveness to someone who lied, denied and got her dad to try and sway your frame of mind during a traumatic incident. If a mini bus taxi were involved would the outcome be different I thought?
  13. So what are the details for the the un-official practice? I'm from out-a-town and would like to make an effort to attend.
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