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  1. Just a follow up to my previous post. I would like to extend a HUUUUUUUGGGEEEE thank you to Jonathan from Two Wheels Trading, you ROCK!! I have never ever experienced such amazing customer service in my life. Keep up the amazing work. Jonathan assisted me immediately once I contacted him and sent through my new upgraded rim on Fri 7th May. The rim arrived in JHB on Monday 10th May and was sent to Josh from Cyclists Workshop. I'd like to thank Josh for his amazing speedy service in managing to rebuild my new rim by Wednesday 12th May just in time for me to leave for Sani2C the following day! I'm super happy with my new upgraded ARCH rim. All round what an amazing experience, thank you to all involved.
  2. Just been in contact with Jonathan from Two Wheels Trading and their response has been amazing so far, now that is what I call customer service! Will hopefully take my wheel in later today to get warrantied, hope all goes well.
  3. Sent my bike for service recently and mechanic pointed out the same issue on my rims...
  4. Which Makro's can one get this from?
  5. Thanks for the feedback thus far gents, much appreciated.
  6. Would be keen to get feedback on the condition of the roads cause we doing the Repeat next week.. :-)
  7. Where did you get that from? Their site is currently down.
  8. Hi Tom Do you perhaps know which 3M tape to use? Cheers
  9. I've got Windows and iOS app and prefer to use my iPad mini attached to my tablet holder on my bike, less cumbersome to setup and move etc.
  10. What a colossal stuff up at Lanseria this morning, systems down so they are manually writing boarding cards for everyone... Surely an airport should have a backup system you would think.... Lol
  11. So by my calculations, if it takes a person roughly 1min from the front of the queue to print their number and collect their pack then : 1min x 35000 cyclists = 35000 min / 60 / 24 to get days .... 24.3 days!!! So let's say they have 10 printers, that means 2.4 days of SOLID printing just to get all the numbers printed... I think I may just print my own number at home and forget about the expo... Unfortunately we need the stupid starters card to get into our chutes.
  12. So can we collect numbers tomorrow, got conflicting stories? Not going to make it to Cradlestone by 5 today.
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