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  1. I have compression socks with those printed on...
  2. I was thinking, Tony Stark (Robert Downy JNR) body in a speedo, with the Iron Man mask (Helmut.. whatever) On my calf.
  3. Gripshift on 12 speed seems like the motion similar to that of a moto throttle…. was never a fan of gripshift.
  4. One can see by the dual bottle cage mounts that this is a brilliant bike.
  5. Lemme know if you need an address in the US. I have a mate in seattle, and we can make a plan from there. Alternatively Aramex global shopper is another option.
  6. There is the problem right there....they are just humans like us, and their **** still stinks (albeit a bit more enhanced)
  7. I just had a pantsident.... Congrats. I'm very keen to hear how the bike climbs. Please post some details of that rigid fork. What is the suspension compensation? Where are BOTH of your Bottle Cages???
  8. I have always liked momsen, my mate has a steel momsen since 2012 (IIRC) which has been put through its paces properly. I was expecting more from the brand, to be clear, are you talking to momsen directly? or Twho Wheels Trading? (My other pet peeve is distributors pushing the latest drivetrain as an essential, citing nonsense like "old technology, not made anymore BS" (I'm looking at you coolheat...)) I do think however taking the steel frame and selling it as Phillip said may be a better option, and using that money towards a new frame. Your faith in the brand has been destroyed, and it's time to move on. No bike wants to be the step-child. a bike deserves to be loved.
  9. "For one to be a goo liar, one has to have a perfect memory" - Not sure who said this, Confucius or some such clever quote maker...
  10. If I was that mosquito, I will probably pick up the stick and try and fight with the rock, for "just lying there"
  11. Is missed the "longest post" competition being launched by admin... Good luck with everyone's carpel tunnel...
  12. Will be going nowhere for the foreseeable future. spent yesterday and today trying to extract the broken seatpost, and in the process managed to damage the seat tube at it’s thinnest point. I’m not going into details, but needless to say, I am more than a little angry at myself. And the f@cking seatpost is still in there… just sitting there, laughing at my incompetence.
  13. Easy ride with the missus yesterday, she wasn’t feeling it, so we took it real easy. I had a bit of an incident where As I took a small jump, my left foot came out of the cleat (I know, I did lots wrong, that was just a unfortunate result of my silliness) as I was launching off the dirt…I knew the landing was going to be an issue. Not quite sure what happened, but I guess, I landed with my ass on the saddle, which in turn snapped my seatpost clean off at the seat tube clamp. I ended up having my knee and shin attacked by my pedal, which as we all know, is nice and painful. My right hamstring made contact with the spinning rear tyre, and thank goodness for my indola baggies, which got a nice tyre burn on, and saved my skin. Now my seatpost has been stuck in the frame for a number of years (steel and ally) and I guess now, I have a reason to remove it without saving it. Before the carnage… Still enjoying my ride… I stood riding all the way back to the car, and I must say I did not expect the dropper post experience in this way…
  14. Sad, and completely unnecessary. Impatience, and selfishness taking the ultimate toll.
  15. The "hazards" brigade. I guess in their mind it really is an emergency that they are unsure, left or right...forwards or backwards. The only telling thing is that they indeed are a hazard on the road.
  16. Problem is partially market, and partially terrain… Do I want a 140mm plush slack trail shredder? Hell yes. Will I use it for its intent? Not up in Gauteng. The lack of ski-lifts, or parks with sufficient elevation drives the market as much as the lifestyle marketers does. (Neverminfd the fact that I am not in the market, and If I was, Rapide would have my money before you can say grey) I’m sure if you bring in a couple of bikes, they will sell, easily. Like chris says, Saffa’s like a bargain. In “our” defense… you did ask the “serious cyclists” opinion, and of course they will tell you it will not work, as you are not serious enough to deserve their money.
  17. If there is a picture of something advertised on an online store, and the description and picture do not match, I will not purchase. I prefer to see a photo (generic is fine) so I at least know the e-shop at least pays attention to what they put on the web, and hopefully the same will go into the box.
  18. Currently switching between Green bean coffee beans ( close to my house, and on my cycle route) and Fingers Crossed’s beans ( whatever they have roasted in the shop) I cant really decide on a favourite. I too have have decided that although convenient in an emergency, I will not resort to the woolworths beans again. For anyone else perusing this thread, that is also not in the machine buying boat, I have been more than satisfied with my manual grinder, and Mokka pot. I’m not a consumer of milk, thus a simple black americano is my go-to. Biggest “game changers” for me was getting the manual grinder, and consuming small batches of fresh beans.
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