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  1. Have found the attached Wolf Tooth rear axle guide very useful especially when ordering axles for IDT setups Rear_Axle_Measurement_Guide.pdf
  2. Thanks Hairy - what can we say we are special
  3. Ahh shoot - we will have to start our own STF club then
  4. To resolve the eternal issue of n+1, and hopefully also stem wallet hemorrhage, I committed to buying three bikes for the stable. I did allow myself a three year period to complete this project as the bikes are all self-build on a fixed budget. The “Trinity”, was thus a long term commitment to choosing three bikes that I would be happy with for a number of years. So after a great deal of research, sourcing parts from all over Hubland, as well as stranger places in Tennessee, Portland and Massachusetts (US is big on hand made gravel bike associated parts), the Trinity is as follows: The Bianchi Being a bike racer in the 80’s, the Bianchi brand always stood out, and I promised myself that one day I would own one. So after almost 45 years, the Sempre Pro made its appearance in my life. The frame is 130 year anniversary edition, graced by with the necessary Campangonolo groupset. The wheels also have a story and I’m currently using a Darkhorse wheelset obtained from our local Zwift Academy triathlete. I also use a set of Spinergy Xlite wheels for those beastly crosswinds here in PE. The only future upgrade would to rid the bike of that 53 tooth monster chainring, one day should it wear out, which maybe a while. The Momsen STF After several cracked alu frames, I decided that my final mountain bike would have to be steel. Essentially for the purpose that if it breaks, it can easily be repaired. This frame is probably also the one of the three that will evolve overtime the most, playing with different forks (going lighter definitely, ridged maybe). The first successful experiment was replacing the stem with a short 60mm KCNC unit, coupled to a Spank Spoon 785mm wide bar. The bar is too wide at times, but this bike doubles as a gravel tour bike so the additional space for the handle bar bag is welcome. The groupset is XT 11 speed, and the most significant upgrades has been the oval chainring upfront and the South Industries / DT swiss wheelset. The wheels replaced a long suffering set of Stans Crests, and can already say wider rims have improved my cornering ability. The Lynskey GR260 As one can see, my search for the Trinity, included a definite theme, Carbon, Steel and Titanium. All I can say, this bike was worth the wait, as it was close on two years of sourcing the best available parts and then making them work together. This bike has now the daily go to bike for training, gravel cruising and exploring (Blessed to work in the Karoo and Northern Cape) The frame is the GR260, 2018 model, paired with full Ultegra with the widest gearing possible. The wheels were locally built by The Wheelbuilder (Thx Nicholas), that can deal with the terrain and bikepacking loads using Nextie rims and Aivee hubs. The tyres, are currently Panaracers Gravel Kings SK+ in the unusual colour, but are long lasting and still quick on the tar. The most unusual purchase for this bike was the $4.00, 12 to 15mm adaptor from Ti Cycles in Portland. The Lynskey fork is 12mm dTA, while the hub is 15mm. This is on purpose so that I can swap wheels between the Momsen and this bike should the need arize. I absolutely love this bike for its comfort and durability, as there no paintwork to stress about and ease of maintenance. The only upgrade being required in the year I have now used it being exchanging the standard rear derailleur with Ultegra RX or clutched version. The Tankwa roads were brutal on the chain and standard derailleur and gear changing on sinkplaat paaie was impossible, until the derailleur was swapped.
  5. Also not a fan - especially on our super fast Lynskeys (nudge nudge) - so found the Salsa Cowbell 440mm is a healthy compromise - enough flair to allow for my handlebar bag but still fits in with the morning roadie group
  6. A 100km shortcut between Laingsburg and Ladismith is reason enough - the added challenge of no suspension just adds to the excitement. Did learn quickly that your rear mech must have a clutch or smooth gear shifts are not possible
  7. In an effort to resolve the n+1 financial strain, I have invested in what I believe is my trilogy of bikes, carbon road racer, steel mountain bike and my titanium gravel bike over the last few years. The "problem" is the gravel bike has become the go to bike and I should have rather invested in a second wheelset for the GR rather than a dedicated road bike, i.e. skinny wheels / tyres for road and wide tyre wheel combo for offroad. The spare wheelset can also accommodate suitable road gearing, to offset the ultra compact front chainring set upfront, when trying to hang with the roadies on Marine Drive loop. My decision to purchase the gravel bike was also dictated by my work (renewables industry in the Little Karoo and all of the Northern Cape), and the mountainbike was too slow to cover larger distances over our off weekends. A decision I don't regret, as it also very easy to add the bikepacking gear for the overnighters I end up doing. In short the gravel bike allows for speed and comfort to explore large areas.
  8. Hi from the friendly windy city! Also have a look at Pearson, as they have English and Afrikaans classes. Where will you be based as this also aids in ones decision - as with extramural activities, travel times across town can be awkward. Please shout as we have friends / family at all of the respective schools
  9. Hi I send and receive bikes ex PE on a regular basis via The Courier Guy - cost effective and reliable.
  10. Wondered the same and dropped Cool Heat an email 8 weeks ago and still await a response
  11. Hi Always find the following site a valuable resource - which includes several DIY frame bag options. https://bikepacking.com/bikes/full-suspension/ Personally find a seat pack, bar bags and a small backpack more than enough space for a trip, which is only complicated when camping. Enjoy!!
  12. You correct, several work arounds, but trying to keep within budget using parts I already have. Chaps from A.S. Solutions (terrible name if you dont add the . . ), willing to ship flat to post mount adaptors to SA - shout any one may place an order later with them, they just busy with working out the best / cheapest / reliable shipping option.
  13. Have placed my build on hold, until I can save up for a different groupset as the one I had is all flat mount brakes - post mount on the fork is tricky with Shimano.
  14. Ahh - but I collect directly from you- through in a Bridge Street Brewery voucher and I'm in!
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