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  1. Stolen: GT Avalanche 2012 When: 2 May 2015 Where: Hillcrest, KwaZulu-Natal Guys broke into garage about 2 am Saturday morning and removed bike. Get further details about the incident in the Stolen Bikes section
  2. I started to read your comment but I got distracted...
  3. Somebody I know does this at Giba - makes my flipping blood boil. They drop in at the Shongweni Dam side by the quarry. No matter how much I say its not cool it falls on deaf ears.
  4. Is there a map somewhere showing where al the lanes are?
  5. I feel for Cherise and Burrys family The hopefully successful prosecution may have given them some closure which they sadly may not get now
  6. Thanks for the updates tubed -
  7. With the Vortex and your current set up do you have to pay a yearly licence to use the GPS/Google Earth functionality? If so how much as a matter of interest?
  8. Over 90K a month???? Fark me - I can only dream of a package like that.
  9. bikekid


    Asg service is top notch - coudlnt fault them at all when they sorted my issue out.
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