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  1. Did Stage 3 yesterday - really struggled and was properly shattered when I got to the top The only good thing was that it brought back good memories of when I rode it for real in 2011
  2. https://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/185017-petition-bring-back-the-classifieds-comments/?p=3684993
  3. Will this be streamed live anywhere?
  4. I'm also doing it - 7759 riders signed up for the 18h00 event so far
  5. Next time Harry, I'm heading up the Alps at 16h20
  6. Catching up with Stage 2 today, and will do the Alpe tomorrow
  7. ^^^^ this.... Now I know for next time
  8. Thanks Gen. Yes - short term insurance with AF
  9. Now that Momentum have taken over short term insurance from Alexander Forbes, will those policies I have with AF count for anything? Gen?
  10. Had this issue last night. All sorted today on both laptop and phone
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