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  1. Time for everyone to get over who rides what and just enjoy the ride on whatever you are riding. Fat old toppies with dodgy knees are just out there on their ebikes to have fun, not to tell everyone they beat you to the line. Focus on your own enjoyment, not what bike they are riding.
  2. If an ebike allows people to ride in places with people they couldnt otherwise, then its a good thing. I had a life changing accident on a bicycle 3 years ago, and an ebike will allow me to do the things i used to do. I will be sharing the trails with my mates on an ebike.
  3. I have alloy Salsa Cowchippers. Very comfortable.
  4. I run 3 bar on gravel and 4 on tar on my 40c's
  5. Pitchas for you Hairy Broken Tibial Plateau (Knee) in a very insignificant fall in Lesotho. Three ops later and a knee replacement scheduled for next month.
  6. That's like losing a child. Sorry mate. hope you get it back.
  7. That is the most beautiful bike i've ever seen
  8. So sorry about the Knee Rudi. I broke my tibial plateau 14 months ago on a bicycle. If you need any info or advice let me know. If i can give you one piece of advice, make sure you have the best knee surgeon available.
  9. Bought from Monark and now ready to ride again.
  10. Selling on the hub poses some challenges when selling frames wheels or complete bikes out of town. The Postnet to Postnet option is great at R100 but you are limited to the size of the package you can send. I used Express Online Couriers today to ship a frame and fork from Pretoria to Durban. The 3 day option cost me R201. Worth a look. www.xoc.co.za (i am not related to anyone there!) I
  11. Check out my Niner ROS 9 above. That will take 27.5 Plus tires. It would make a great bike.
  12. My Niner ROS 9 is for sale. https://www.bikehub.co.za/index.php?app=hubmarket&module=core&do=view_item&item_id=192598&new=1
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