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  1. I just done a vintage vespa with soda blasting even the alu parts no damage at all
  2. Must say it was way better organized then tha last one. I had a blast. Thanks to JMPDand everybody else that organized the event they did a great job. If there is one in Pretoria later this year I hope we get to know about it I would love go.
  3. KonaMTB

    Who remembers?

    Pop shop on TV. Keep your feet on the ground and reach for the stars. The presenter who's name escapes me now always ended his show like that.
  4. Awesome bike. Nice and lite so the dog doesn't have to work to hard to pull you. LOL
  5. KonaMTB

    Who remembers?

    The milk man in a electric cart and if you didn't have the tokens you could leave the money in the bottle.
  6. KonaMTB

    Who remembers?

    Coffee at le pari in hillbrow and Thursday nights lady's nights at jaqualines in Pretoria.
  7. KonaMTB

    Who remembers?

    Top club, plum crazy Sunday night drag racing at p&c road house or at the dollhouse.
  8. Do you still need wooden palets? I can get seven just let me know where to drop them and I will deliver.
  9. I also live close and would give it a go if there are a few of us..... Ridden there once or twice and did feel a bit isolated.
  10. Rode there on Sunday for the first time. Great track. Thanks to all involved for your hard work.
  11. That is insane...... Not only the riding but the location to...
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