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  1. Good move, I had the 3 & 5 Sapphire editions and to be honest, I’m not sure it was worth the cash. I’ve had the 6X Pro for about a year now and am super happy with it. I’ve used my fēnix watches as day to day watches since the series 2 came out and they’re the bomb.
  2. Sometimes my Edge takes longer to update to Discovery than the fēnix. Not sure why. I usually sync a couple of times and Discovery gets the message.
  3. Jigghead

    Old Medals

    I’ve also got loads of teddies. There’s a children’s home in Bryanston that will take them. I’ll get the name and post it as well. My girls have also grown out of about two bags of cuddly stuff. Apparently they’ll also take previously loved toys. I’ll get the details.
  4. Jigghead

    Old Medals

    So I mailed CHOC today, they don’t take them anymore. They suggested that I get in touch with Reach for a Dream or Rainbows and Smiles. I’ll get in touch with both this weekend and check who’s keen to take them. I’ll then post it here!
  5. Jigghead

    Old Medals

    Awesome, I swim 8 Mile Club and Ride for them. Thank you.
  6. Jigghead

    Old Medals

    I have around 100 medals from various events. It’s hit the stage where our coat racks rattle, my daughter’s door rattles from her medals. They seem to be everywhere. With the exception of a small handful of the things, I’m keen to get rid of them. I’ve heard of a charity that gives them to kids who reach milestones in recovery from illnesses etc. Any ideas of who they are and how I can get my medals to them?
  7. I really really need a decent helmet that fits. For some reason Rudi Project (L) amongst others don’t fit me anymore.
  8. Those were the bomb. I loved those when I had them, really comfy!
  9. Hello Hubbers, It's been a while since I last posted anything to do with Midmar 8 Mile Club. In fact, I've been begging for money for CHOC for so long that last year I put all the required cash in myself (around R20K), in order to give everyone a breather from my persistent fund raising. This year is a special 8 Mile Swim for me as it marks my 5th entry into this event. I've set my target at R50,000 and have to date managed around R20,000 of this. I need another R30K In years gone by, I've swam 1 mile for every R100 donated, but work has precluded me from putting in that sort of time in
  10. They won’t cancel them and convert. Discovery paid FNB almost R2b for the credit card book. They’re not just going to give it back having paid for it!
  11. Same with the swimming. I swim Midmar 8 Mile Club every year and I get the same points as I would have if I’d swam only a single mile on each day. As an aside, neither myself or my wife have had points allocated for gym or workouts for the lat three days. Exercised every one of those days!
  12. What a load of crap. It just gets harder and harder to keep the status up. The cost is also heading north steadily!
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