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  1. Have clifton 5`s and 7`s done over 1300km in the 7`s and use them as my daily trainers and they probably have another 200km left in them, never had a blister, ran a 28km with them straight out the box, ran right through a nasty bout of plantar fasciatis in them, including 1 marathon and am fine now, love them but they are more daily trainer than speed shoes. Crap on wet tar though. I`m about 84kg and wear a wide and run 10 in under 50min. Cant wait to try the Hoka Mach 4`s coming out now.
  2. Just a general enquiry if anyone out there is using a Coros sport watch, ie, Apex pro or Pace 2, for triathlon. Is there a local agent /importer around and what the experience is. Please no responses about garmin/polar etc. I know their products etc. Many thanks, Frank
  3. Trek is perfect for you, Merida also but Trek will be lighter and looks in perfect if they drop the price to 35 even better!
  4. Is there a company/craftsman out there who can reprofile and sharpen quality steel knives, I`d like to have my Sage with SV30 steel blade properly sharpened after a decade of only touching up. Sharp edge in Sandton used to do it but they are gone!
  5. Look`s concept is more pleasing to the eye, I like the simplicity here but the lines are all over the place, which kind of defeats the objective of the the `clean` look for me, if only they had kept the lines of the seat stays and top tube in line....... still like it though and OTB risk to the undercarriage is also probably reduced.
  6. 100% , Just keep the tyre pressure reasonable and they will last.
  7. In my opinion that would be a code 3 repair job. They may be able to glue it together and paint over it neatly but you`d be crazy to risk your life and ride that. Chances are you will sell it on after the repair, will you then declare the full extent of the repair to the prospective buyer, i can almost guarantee that you`ll get virtually nothing for that bike. Tell the insurance to take a running leap and replace with equal or better, it`s not a total loss for them as the other parts from the bike can be used so they must either source an equivalent frame ,even if it`s second hand, but not crash damaged obviously!
  8. First time I`ve done the 94.7 since 2016, love the new route, access and parking also hugely improved. Hope they keep it like this.
  9. Dogs, or at least their *****ng owners are the worst, they hover and they get all shirty and abusive when you kick Fido in the chops and then they want to call the SADF/Metros and their whole family when you grab them and shake them a bit.......
  10. Not sure what deals there are on the Merida 120 but they are worth a look against this group
  11. Try the 1,5lt engine still uses a proper timing chain rather than rubber belt and can run to 300K.km easily.
  12. Just go and buy a 1,5lt Honda Jazz, way better car, much bigger inside, superb internal packaging space and will outlast any VW and wont get stolen..
  13. R1200 for 2 ratchets is already extortion, DT should be selling their hubs with those ratchets as standard i.m.o. instead of ripping off their customers with this `upgrade`.
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