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  1. Lone One, do you work in CT or SW?
  2. We are planning on renting initially. What about kids and schools etc?
  3. So it appears that things are on the up in CT.
  4. Tankman so where did you park the vehicle? Lone One, why did you move or leave Jozi?
  5. Is there no bus service available
  6. Hi All, You guys are scaring me with the wind stories. I am originall from PE. That is disappointing that a commute would be so difficult. Why is the business express the only option , are the normal option that bad.
  7. To all Somerset West commuters. I have read a couple of posts here from Somerset west commuters. The family and I have chance to relocate to CT and would like to stay in Somerset West. I am considering commuting, but realised after 3 years of the bike what is realistic, so my question. What train service/bus service are available that would leave a 20km commute to Cape Town CBD. Keeping in mind that I am resident of Gauteng and would lik have specifics regarding location and if possible street names. Gratefully
  8. Great thread... with the little ones not geting time to ride without it being to checkers baby seat. Any advice on spare wheel building cost?
  9. Guys, Have any of you taken kiddies on MTB race?? Say on those Giant rear carriers?? Opinion
  10. Had to shop for rear derailleur - last minute. Cocked up mine whilst cycling with my boy
  11. RIP, this shocking. My wife and I did last christmas shopping at Ballito Mall and still pointed him out to my wife and son.
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