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  1. http://www.thatericalper.com/2017/07/04/65000-people-in-london-wait-for-green-day-to-pass-the-time-away-they-sung-this/
  2. This thread has my full attention! I am also in KZN and I want in. I have been preparing for a trip (with no immediate destination) for a long time. Have bike, have gear, will travel. Once I get the hang of this with few local trips, then I'm cycling to Cape Town. Then Vietnam top to bottom, then Prague to Berlin. Then ......
  3. I've been vegetarian for about 13 years now, and went vegan for a year or so, but back on a little dairy. Initially it was for health benefits, but I've grown softer to the animals' cause. About 2 years ago I was having doubts about my diet and my physical performance (mostly cycling and a little running). I stumbled upon a book by trail runner Scott Jurek and I've since read as much as I could find on the guy. All previous doubts about endurance exercise and plant based diets are long out the window. When you push hard, it hurts. Meat eaters too. If you are curious about veg diet, your body is probably trying to tell you something. Pay attention to how you feel and find out more on the subject. If inspiration is what you need, Scott Jurek may have a message ( and a recipe or 2) for you.
  4. KenG

    Sani2c 2015

    Snow on Sani Pass!!! It's going to be a cold start tomorrow morning!!! For the guys that register early, please send us details of the goodie bags asap. I'm hoping there's a nice warm jacket like last year.
  5. Hi Wahoofish I ride Giba all the time, weekends,weekdays, early, late, day and night. Never had a problem. You'll be fine.
  6. Please let me know what you find in the way of local options and prices. Also, where do you plan to spend your 4 months? I've also been looking at some touring options. I'm keen to cycle Durban to Cape Town and I have a few European trips I'd also like to do.
  7. Add me to the 2a list. My first one. Really looking forward to it.
  8. Done. Thank you. Cycling for transport, commuting, is desperate for it's flag to fly high.
  9. I'm not that surprised. Vryheid could easily be confused with a trailer park.
  10. Some good information here, thank you. Do tell more about your midlands test. To OP. Please let me know if these questions are off topic and need to asked elsewhere.
  11. You bloody right!! Nobody needs an unwanted visit from a stork!
  12. Great informative post. I would love to hear more of your trip. Any chance you could share a pack list too? Pictures of your trip and bike setup would also be appreciated.
  13. Another hijack, sorry. Where are you guys touring? I would love to take a trip but I have a few safety/security concerns. I'm currently building a bike for a(n?) European trip for 2015/16.
  14. Morewood Zula Scott Scale Surly Karate Monkey I love them all. (also got a dodgy road bike)
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