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  1. Suck it! Try and enjoy your miserable little Bat Outta Hell and Cascades and all your other paltry little trails while we're tearing up THE SPRUIT! By tearing up I mean literally breaking down the rubbish and packing it into bins on Saturday.
  2. Just realised it's the Spruit cleanup tomorrow. Shall we head to Scout Hall once we've done our community bit?
  3. Cool, I don't feel like crashing in today's weather anyway.
  4. Anybody keen for a Scout Hall Saturday? There's less than an hour of light these days if you get there around 4.30pm.
  5. Not until you've given us your manifesto. Your campaign is as late and unprepared as Agang.
  6. This is like watching the Durban July. My money is on Breakfast Break for a late, come-from-behind victory.
  7. Seriously, you guys couldn't have put on a better race. That Enduro left me broken but reflecting on some of the most fun I've had on a bike.
  8. That is damn sexy, cool to see the single pivot design again. Not to sound like a roadie but… any indication of the weight of the bike in that setup?
  9. Obviously I want Min to win but… C'maaaaan, Ratboy! I want to see him on the podium again at least.
  10. I sold a Defender TD5 for R140k a few years back. I saw it on Autotrader the other day going for R160. Don't know why I sold it, that thing was beautiful.
  11. For someone who trains regularly shooting tiked up moving human targets in surprise situations outside of a controlled environment? Because then by all means go ahead. I remember the first thing we learnt in boxing, if there is any opportunity to avoid a physical conflict then take that option no matter how confident you are of the outcome.
  12. Nice outcome for you, assuming there wasn't a guy in the bush behind you that Potted you while you were shooting his mate. Not so nice for the next cyclist when a bunch of Tikheads realised it's safer to just shoot the person before approaching in case they also have a gun.
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