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  1. It seems the most common causes are eating too fast or stress. Does it normally happen after eating or any other event or just randomly? If he/she eats very quickly you can try a slow feeder bowl which has protrusions which make it more tricky to get to the food and forces them to eat slower. Also important not to exercise for a good while after eating.
  2. Not very common, might want to speak to your vet in case of some kind of problem with diaphragm. I can make some enquiries with my Husky Rescue people if you like?
  3. Hi all For the last few years I have been riding the 947 Road and MTB races to raise funds for Husky Rescue SA through the Barking Army. The Barking Army raises funds for 4 animal rescue organisations and you can choose which you would like to support when signing up. These are Husky Rescue, Woodrock, PETS and Paws R Us. All funds raised go directly to your chosen organisation and all four organisations are in desperate need of funds to house, feed and take care of all the animals. I know that there is huge support for animal causes here on the Bikehub so I am hoping that some of you will consider joining us in riding for a purpose. More details can be found on the website or post your questions here. http://www.barkingarmysa.com With my son at finish of last years race, just squeaked in under 3hrs.
  4. Sorry, been a bit scarce recently, normal work combined with Husky Rescue work and then sorting Barry's dogs has been a bit of a strain. I am happy to report that we have finally secured homes for all Barry's dogs, Juliet will be going home on Thursday, Scar on Friday and Squamish on Saturday. These are all dependent on them fitting in ok with existing dogs, cats, humans etc. All of them are being adopted or fostered on proper contracts so we will make sure that they are looked after for the rest of their lives but we have full confidence in the adopting owners and we know Barry will be watching over them from his vantage point. I would just like to thank every single person that donated to the fund that enabled us to take care of them, we couldn't have done it without you. My organisation http://www.huskyrescue.org.za played a big role in facilitating this project so I would also like to thank my fellow committee members for understanding and allowing me to assist. I will post updates with pics here as and when we receive them.
  5. They are all sad and confused Pikey but doing ok, I have your number and will be in contact over the weekend.
  6. I took this picture of Squamish at lunchtime when I visited, I think there were tears. Seems to echo the way we all feel today.
  7. I made the promise on Facebook but will repeat it here. I promised to Barry that I will make sure that all 5 of his furry children are properly taken of for the rest of their lives. RIP Barry, don't fall off too many bikes where you are now.
  8. It is always interesting getting to know new dogs and their traits. Scar wanted to eat me through the fence when I got to Barry's house but once I went in and he realised I was there to help he was fine. Ruby and Jules are just big cuddle bunnies. Squamish doesn't even know he doesn't have 4 legs. I can see there is an issue between Squams and Ghost but they are both not neutered so it's understandable so I am glad I separated them. We have consulted with the family and will be getting them sorted soon which will make the pack much calmer.
  9. I popped out at lunchtime to visit Barry's dogs and take them some treats. All are doing well and looking healthy. Ruby's nose is clearing and Squams leg wound has almost closed up.
  10. Kevin, his brother, went home for the weekend so we haven't had his usual updates. Conor did say yesterday that he is better than last week but as we know it will be a rollercoaster so let's see what the doctors say this week.
  11. On behalf of myself, Husky Rescue, Ghost, Scar, Ruby, Squamish, Juliet and of course Barry himself I would just like to thank everyone for the amazing financial support. Barry's son Conor and other family members visited the dogs yesterday and they are doing fine. I think we have enough in the kitty to cover their immediate needs for the short to medium term, if we need more for unexpected expenses I will post here again. Thanks again all you generous people, now all we need is for the man himself to get back on his feet so he can look after them himself.
  12. Not the first time I shed a few tears while at work but just got this msg from Barry's neighbour who I met this morning, we were talking about how Ghost was so black from the soot, the poor dogs with what they have had to go through: Ok because Ghost was laying in the ash where the car was burnt n Scar the Boxer was being very protective of the house n didn't allow anyone to go near the spot where the paramedics cut off Barry's clothing. I just pray Barry recovers takes back his home n his dogs. Barry needs to recover and quickly even if it's just for his dogs, they need him so much.
  13. Great thanks, will mention to our vet next week. Glad to hear it isn't the worse option which they were concerned about because of the swelling.
  14. Poor Ghost is supposed to be white, this is from the soot from the fire. Will try to get them bathed and groomed as soon as possible.
  15. Any idea who the vet was? Our vet today suggested it may be autoimmune or something worse which we don't even want to think about at this stage. We have a anti bacterial cortisone cream to apply now so will see how it responds to that.
  16. Just to reassure you Husky Rescue is a registered NPO and is required to account for all our funds and expenditure. I specifically asked that people mark their donations either 'Barry' or 'Tumbleweed' specifically so that we can run a separate account to track income vs expenditure. As stated elsewhere the vets bill for this morning was around R3000 which I personally paid but will claim back from Husky Rescue. We will account for every cent donated and any excess will be used for the ongoing maintenance of Barry's dogs as it will be sometime before he will be able to properly support them. I have a major food manufacturer that has offered to provide food for them so the main expenses will be boarding fees and follow up vets bills mainly for Ruby who has a non healing sore on her nose which we are quite concerned about.
  17. Biologically Appropriate Raw Food
  18. Pleased to report that Apollo and Zeus are back at the boarding kennels, the op went very well, they can already see well and they are expected to regain full eyesight within a few days. As I took them to the car I could immediately see a difference, they knew where they were going and didn't trip over steps and things any more. When we got them back to the kennels they were much more confident and would walk straight up to us whereas before if was a bit of hit and miss and they would sometimes walk past before realising. They now need to rest as much as possible for the next week and then after 3 weeks we will have them retested to confirm everything is ok then next step is sterilisation and then we can look for homes for them. I know several Hubbers made donations to their cause so we would really like to thank everyone that did, it looks like we will be able to cover all the costs once all the pledges are in. Here they are sleeping once they had settled down. There are videos and more pics on the Husky Rescue Facebook page if you have access. https://www.facebook.com/groups/huskyrescuesa/?fref=nf
  19. We still have money coming in and pledges received so I think we will get close thank you. Also now that we are only doing 3 lenses there is some cost saving there too.
  20. Just got a call from the surgeon. Apollo and Zeus have been done, prognosis is good, no sign of other eye problems and they are recovering well We had asked for lens replacements as well as the cataract op, unfortunately one of the dogs could not get two lens replacements so he will be short sighted slightly in one eye, this is always a problem with IOL, they can only tell during surgery whether the lens can be fitted. They could not tell us which dog only has one lens. We will know at 4pm whether we will be collecting them today or tomorrow morning so will give an update later today. Thanks to everyone for all the support and well wishes, to me this is better news than a royal birth.
  21. These two crazy blind boys Apollo and Zeus are at the Eye Hospital as we speak having their ops. Hopefully, if all goes well, they will be able to see when we fetch them either later today or tomorrow morning. They were hooligans when they couldn't see so goodness knows how they will be with sight but can't wait to see them running around.
  22. For sure, entry and pledge form are already in, we actually need some more quite quickly as we can't register as a charity until we have 20 confirmed entries so if you are keen again?
  23. I am not sure if human ophthalmologists work on animals but there is only one animal specialist in South Africa located in Fourways. They have been known to give discounts in the past but they normally do that at the invoice stage not when quoting.
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