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  1. Any shops stocking Orange sealant yet?
  2. Thats what I am also thinking, below 100mm is probably not ideal
  3. That will be done if its mine. I am just testing it first
  4. Have my eye on a good deal Large TCR Pro1 . I am 1.83m with an inseam on 855mm . I have ridden the bike and it feels good . Currently riding a 56cm Cervelo R3 (REACH IS 1CM SHORTER THAN GIANT) . Reason for post is I am wanting constructive criticism as to not buy it . I am 50/50 and on the fence?
  5. Yes works great and as of last night the app works on android tv boxes obtainable from the Google Play store
  6. Agree Pierre , I kept left , just be prepared for the concrete step-up out of the water . ps Langwater isnt as deep as it was last year
  7. Thanks guys , its in the title MTB shoes
  8. Just looking for suggestions , my current Scott Pro shoes are coming to the end of their life and will be needing new shoes . Budget about R2000/R2300 . Any suggestions and opinions will be appreciated ?
  9. I had the exact same problem with my scalpel , bike is 3 years old , pivot bearings never been done . Thought it was that as i had the Praxis BB30 regreased 4 months ago . Took bike in to have pivots checked , turned out to just be a very dirty BB , mech took everything out bearings were fine regreased it and noise is completely gone
  10. The way I see it is these okes were probably out on the piss driving around looking for K@K and probably had no more money (for drugs) saw this oke and took a chance as it a steepish climb up there and was going slowly , probably already pawned the phone for R300
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