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  1. Mike's Pass Giants Castle Game Reserve, met up with the organizers of the X-Burg Challenge after the ride for a beer.
  2. Excellent customer service and product support. My Levo's motor had a wobbly on Saturday, dropped the bike off on Monday morning with Jason. Contacted today to collect my bike; motor replaced under warranty. No stress, no fuss, just exceptional customer service and product support. Thanks to Jason and team for sorting out my bike for the weekend... T
  3. I can second this, had a frame replaced, no questions asked.
  4. Re-glued my specialized cadets a few days ago and they are as good as new. Shoe glue is wonderful stuff. Glue them and ride....
  5. https://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/hope-pro-4-front-hub-32-hole-boost Pro4 front hub 32 hole boost T
  6. King price took 10 months to pay my daughter out for her car... Third party claim, nevertheless 10 months is a long time.
  7. We already have our own class on Strava and compete against each other. No intention of messing up conventional cyclists times and KOMs. No reason why we can't compete againt each other on races in our own category.
  8. Ebike must pay more and ride in our own category and hour before or after the conventional mtb's
  9. scrutineerIng, bike must fall within the definition of a pedelec.
  10. PostNet to PostNet, they have never asked me if its 2hnd, only the value of the item insured. Sent a fork to from Durban to Johannesburg and paid around 3% on the invoice amount and a frame from Cape Town to Durban, same thing.
  11. I've also only had good dealings with hubbers, I always insist on insurance when buying/selling high value items. At the end of the day it protects both parties. T
  12. Now we are talking ebike https://www.bikehub.co.za/classifieds/311452-1500w-72v-electric-bike-scooter-conversion-kit/ Maybe I should fit this to my Levo? (tongue and cheek) Turbo boost for the next race
  13. It all depends on your age, weight and fitness level. My friend weighs 45kgs and she flys uphill on her pedelec, whereas it takes me much longer to get my 110kgs there. Basic physics.
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