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  1. Apparently not .. well not the footkits, i.e. the vehicle specific rubber bits between the clamps and your car, got updated with the new Evo system. So while the bars and clamps can mix and match, the rubber bits are a bit model specific. Got the whole system, through Thule (bars, foot kit) and second hand clamps... everything worked well until the rubber foot kits didn't fit. What makes it worse is that I specifically asked Thule if X will work with Y and they said yes. Luckily, that means free returns. But that's what you get when you try to be cheap going 2nd hand... ugh. Ranting because the week was too long. Fisan, out.
  2. If you have a strava subscription they also have options (McMillan programme). My wife followed the Garmin Coach programme for 5k and it was extremely tedious. Plus I don't think it catered for goals below 5min/km.
  3. This guy also has a Renault 4 which he uses for local King of the Hill races...
  4. So I stayed at this BnB in Croatia a while ago... thought you guys may appreciate this coffee machine. Bonus Tandem-on-a-Fiat-500 photo
  5. Wow.... We're going there this weekend. But for a hike. Incredible part of the world.
  6. Oof... the $$$ to km ratio versus the min/km reduction is just bonkers! Oh I miss the simpler days when racing flats were just that - minimalist, cheap and fast. But, if I had that $$$ you'd definitely see me walking to the closest Bootleggers in pair of these. #CapeTownThings But I do wonder, when do you consider a shoe to be mechanically advantaged? And how far will Nike etc. be able to push the IAAF's limits to that extent? Or do we foresee a Two Oceans marathon for normal shoes and e-shoes categories?
  7. Why go for "like", "as", or "almost" new when you can go for "literally" new on used products... https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/pedals/460414/shimano-xt-pdm-8000
  8. Shot. Will give this a go.
  9. Hey all, Does anyone know if a (Giant) PXC-2 front hub could be serviced? My front wheel is really not sounding happy at the moment. Can't find much information on teh interwebs. TIA
  10. Edit: whoops, it's old news on the 'gram already Like a scene from a dystopian sci-fi film
  11. According to https://www.sanparks.org/parks/table_mountain/tourism/access-cards-permits.php day permits could be bought from either Kirstenbosch Cape Town Tourism office (021 762 0687) or the Main Cape Town Tourism office. Is this still the case or are they closed on weekends?
  12. Bikes are expensive, so why skimp on the cleaning costs? Sure, the Muc Off, Finishline, products etc. are 75%:25% marketing:worth. But I still believe your bike deserves that 25%. Sunlight? Ugh
  13. Do it. I do about 90:10 trail:road running. Don't worry about too much about adverse effects. Worst case scenario you may lose your top speed but endurance wise you should only expect improvement. Luckily I live real close to the mountains so I don't have much need for road running: I mostly reserve it for speed workouts. As for speed: there's no real answer. My speed varies to about 10s/km slower on farm roads to 7min/km slower on top of the mountain. I can tell you alot about what to expect in the WC area. Btw my 5km and 10km PBs are all set on trail runs...
  14. Hi all, I'm looking at my options for a roofrack system on a "normal roof" car. I've done the Thule-online-fitting and more or less know which direction to go. The new systems uses the Evo clamp - which is a replacement to the older Rapid System (?). What I can't find anywhere is whether the car/brand specific foot kits are backwards compatible? I.e. does the Evo-compatible foot kit work on a Rapid clamp?
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