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  1. Does anyone know whether the USN MTB races will ever get going again?
  2. Hey guys, I have a 2016 Fox 32 factory float FIT4 fork which has a remote lock-out. I would like to remove the remote lockout functionality and replace it with a manual topcap. I have been getting mixed responses on how I would need to do this. My LBS says I need to replace the forks damper in order to do the conversion (at a cost of R1,600). My google research seems to say all I need to do is to replace the interface topcap, which I can purchase from CWC for R590. See link Fox TopCap Interface | CWC (cwcycles.co.za) Below is the guide which shows how to do a conversion from non-remote to remote. Thus, the opposite should also be true: 2016-2017 Performance Series FIT4 Remote Conversion | Bike Help Center | FOX (ridefox.com) Can anyone advise?
  3. Hi all, I was attacked on Friday, 7 August 2020 at 07:00 at the top of Emmarentia, along the Marks Park fence. Two of the buggers with knives. They only managed to get away with a crappy cell phone and a bomb or two. They hid the bike, hoping to come back for it, but we managed to find it. I got a weekend away at Milpark Hospital, stab wound to the leg and broken Clavicle and Scapular, as I tried to cycle down that embankment (dont ask me why, not the smartest move). I was cycling alone, so guess I had it coming. But I just wanted to put it out there. Please be careful, from what I am seeing there is a lot of crime at the moment, so be safe out there.
  4. Ariane Luthi mentioned today on twitter that two female mountain bikers were busted for doping... Any idea who the two cyclists are?
  5. So so sad!! Truly a great South African athlete! A world champion in his age category amongst the very many accolades he boasts. I never met someone who loved to ride and race his bike as much as he did. I will miss you Greg... breathing down my neck and passing me on the top of every climb. What an honour to ride with you for the last few years. God be with your family at this time. Cycle in peace buddy
  6. I think its good. For years these guys have milked us!! With this type of pressure from the Competition Tribunal and the competition from the online guys, prices will be kept in check. Well, as much as they can be anyway. Damn exchange rate!!
  7. Two wholesalers in bicycle price-fixing charges get R4m administrative fines each - 31 March 2016 Today, Tuesday 31 May, the Tribunal has issued both its order and its reasons in the Omnico and Coolheat Cycle case. It has awarded an administrative penalty to Omnico of R4627412 and to Coolheat Cycles a penalty of R4250612. The Tribunal has already confirmed six consent orders by wholesalers and 11 retailers in the bicycle sector who were implicated in a price-fixing investigation by the Competition Commission. The two wholesalers, Omnico and Coolheat, however, chose to oppose the charges and the matter was heard last year by the Tribunal. The Commission relied for its case primarily on a meeting held on 10 September 2008 where about 200 bicycle wholesalers and retailers attended a meeting at Midrand Conference Centre in Gauteng to discuss increasing their markup on bicycles to 50% from 35%, and the markup on cycling accessories to 75% from 50%. The wholesalers would give the retailers a higher mark-up by increasing the Recommended Retail Price to consumers. Prices to consumers would be increased so that retailers could make higher margins. Prices were set to increase on 1 October 2008, as it was the beginning of the new cycling season and new bicycles and accessories were usually launched at this time and new price lists issued. Details of these discussions had been posted on an online discussion forum called The Hub and was brought to the attention of the Commission. Evidence presented at the hearing revealed that both Omnico and Coolheat had attended the September meeting that there was agreement among wholesalers to increase the mark-up on wholesale prices for bicycles and cycling accessories in co-ordination. In determining the penalties the Tribunal took into account some mitigating factors for Omnico. However, it found no such mitigating factors for Coolheat, who had elected not to give evidence at the Tribunal and to explain its subsequent price increases. The other 17 companies who settled early with the Commission were not fined for the offence as they had admitted they had contravened section 4(1)(b) of the Competition Act. The Commission had withdrawn its case against one of the companies, Fritz Pienaar Cycles, because the business was liquidated. Issued by: Chantelle Benjamin Communications: Competition Tribunal --- Omnico’s official statement on this matter 1 June 2016 “Four years ago the Competition Commission commenced legal proceedings against a number of wholesalers and retailers contending that they were guilty of price fixing. 17 consent orders were obtained by the Commission ( ie these parties agreed to admitting guilt) and no fine was imposed on them. Omnico and another party denied any contravention as alleged by the Commission and as such refused to consent to an order as required by the Commission. Had Omnico simply consented, that effectively would have been the end of the matter and no fine would have been imposed on them by the Commission. The matter proceeded and the Competition Tribunal, after a lengthy and expensive legal process has ordered that Omnico contravened the Competition Act and imposed a fine. Omnico is disappointed at the Tribunal’s decision and maintains that it was not party to any anti-competitive agreement as alleged. In the circumstances Omnico has instructed its legal advisors to appeal the Tribunal’s decision.”
  8. Tore a ligament in my wrist last week, was hoping it would get better but no such luck. So I have a 2016 Sani2C race entry available. Problem is they are popping up everywhere on the hub. Any ideas on how I can try find a seller? Tried Hub classifieds, but no takers.
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