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  1. An ebike that definitely belongs on the moutain! Orange working with Lorraine Truong to get her back on the bike!
  2. Nice! Where are you based in West Yorkshire? We used to live in Castleford for many years.. If you want some great riding you can head to the Lake District, Hardknott Pass will give you a bit to think about, and then it is also worth your while taking a pedal to Scotland... We set ourselves a 50 Squid bike budget and then went drinking from London up the east coast, so I guess Hull would be the nearest starting point for you. The route is pretty amazing and a lot is on abandoned railway lines. And if you are into MTB, Dalby Forest is also pretty close.. Next plan is to visit the distilleries around Scotland when we can travel again! Tom
  3. Would you mind sharing the gpx route once you have done the trip? Thanks Tom
  4. Who is the guy with the purple Stage in the southern Suburbs? Passed him heading towards the US embassy on Sunday. That bike looks flippin great! Tom
  5. Tatt

    Pyga Hyrax

    Haven't bought one yet, but have had the 110, 120, Max and Zero.. Still have the last two. Hyrax is definitely on my Next List if I don't get an ebike.... Short and sweet if you want to bomb down trails with a big smile on your face it should definitely be one of your first choices. With regards climbing, short stem - longer travel bikes often have the front wheel in the air, doesn't matter what you buy. It has never really bothered me, as I'm not a podium contender. Being up in KZN is also a bonus, as you can get lots of advice from the Pyga guys, and also join them for skills sessions.. Tom
  6. It is a minefield, I learnt this when I broke my Maxel. What brand are you currently using? Tom
  7. Dave got back to me. It will be around R20k for the course and frame. Tom
  8. Green one belongs to my bike wife. Just wish Pat would make more of these, or do something in steel at their new factory. Don't know if any of you have seen the post from Dave Mercer, but he is offering a bike building course. Perfect opportunity to get the bike of your dreams! Tom
  9. Pyga Zero x 2. Mine's the silver one!
  10. A guy on the Pyga Whatsapp group is looking for A zero. Not too sure if you are on the group? If not, post the details here and I can send it on. Tom
  11. This might help: https://si.shimano.com/pdfs/dm/DM-CN0001-05-ENG.pdf And KMC chain should be just fine. Tom
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