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  1. 15 years after the first sani2c nonstop took place, the organisers are excited to introduce a new sani2c nonstop on 3-4 June 2022. View full article
  2. Photo: Kelvin Trautman The event is a teamed, point-to-point mountain bike marathon event that starts at midnight on Friday 3 June at the base of the Sani Pass and finishes on Scottburgh beach. It covers a total distance of 250 kms and must be completed within 24 hours. Created by the Haw family, passionate mountain bikers who actively compete in endurance events themselves, the re-introduction of the nonstop is something that the founder of the well-known sani2c stage race, Glen Haw, has been contemplating for a while: “The nonstop was almost a head of its time - the standard of riding and mountain biking in general has improved so much since then, the riders and the bikes, and now riders are looking for bigger challenges. With our route and logistics and facilities for the 3-day sani2c just about perfected, we can now put a focus on bringing back the nonstop.” Photo: Kelvin Trautman This event is for true adventurers who will enjoy the challenge of riding and navigating their way from the southern Drakensberg and over sections of the iconic sani2c route to the KwaZulu-Natal south coast. One of the key elements of the sani2c nonstop is its format, where each team comprises three cyclists and a vehicle with support crew (it is recommended that you have at least one driver and one other support crew member). Glen says the team aspect and the need for a support crew is really what the sani2c nonstop is all about: “Seconding has been a big part of our family’s lifestyle. This comes from the love of events like Dusi, where you are super reliant on your great seconds. With nonstop, the seconds are an essential part of the team - if your second gets lost or falls asleep or doesn’t get to a certain point, you’re in trouble. The support crew will register, get their kit and their own briefing, and best of all they have to cross the finish line together with their team.” Photo: Kelvin Trautman Dave Thomas did the sani2c nonstop in 2007, and agrees that the support crew is essential: “Knowing your support seconds were waiting for you at the next pre-arranged stop with food and refreshment broke the huge distance to be covered into manageable hops.” The event is GPS marked and will test the orientation skills of every rider. Teams must check in and out at all checkpoints, which will be strategically placed on the route. This will ensure everyone’s whereabouts can be traced. Gavin Rossouw did the sani2c non-stop in 2009, and says: “Glen has come up with an interesting format for the race. You start at midnight when it's cold and ride while it gets colder. Then, as fatigue is setting in, you get sunrise and all is right with the world.” The route for the 2022 nonstop will be significantly different from the early days, as the sani2c route has developed over time to include a much higher proportion of single track. Photo: Anthony Grote Says Glen: “We are riding most weekends covering sections of the route to perfect it, and while almost all the sani2c highlights will be part of the route (the floating bridges from Day1, the Umko Drop from Day 2 as examples), there are sections where we are using the most direct route possible to make this doable in 24 hours, and this is most often via single track. It will be tough, but we want to make sure that most of the teams are able to finish in that 24 hour cut-off. “We expect the front-runners to do the new nonstop in about 12 hours, and many teams will ride from dark-to-dark for the midnight cut-off on Scottburgh beach.” Roy Cackett remembers doing sani2c nonstop back in 2007 and 2008: “250kms definitely makes sani2c nonstop an ultra-distance event, but it's not designed to be a super-hard festival of pain and suffering. It's a one-day event with a distance that is certainly achievable. I’m definitely thinking of doing it again. “Previously we used route cards for navigation, and I seem to recall there were some route markings. We started at midnight, so there was about 6 hours of riding and navigating in the dark with bike lights that weren't that great. Today's GPS devices and potent LED lights will certainly make the night-time section a far more relaxing experience,” says Roy. Paul Hunter, who did the 2009 sani2c nonstop, had this to say at the time: “This was an amazing race...our team really enjoyed it. It is just something so different. Riding at night, long distances, and trying to navigate at the same time. I can highly recommend it to all.” Photo: Kelvin Trautman The Haw family looks forward to the challenge of providing another superb mountain biking experience: “This is going to be truly different - we are making sure the route is a winner and look forward to the camaraderie and teamwork that it takes to do an event like nonstop. Join us,” says Glen. There are categories that allow for e-bike participation. For more information and to enter sani2c nonstop ago to www.sani2c.co.za
  3. PYGA Euro Steel’s Matthys Beukes and Gert Heyns and Motorlease Perigon’s Robyn de Groot and Amy McDougall are the 2021 KAP sani2c champions. View full article
  4. Seen at Vernon Crookes Nature Reserve (39km mark) is from left, Matthys Beukes, Philip Buys, Marco Joubert and Arno di Toit. Photo: Anthony Grote. A split second men’s finish saw PYGA Euro Steel’s second team of Philip Buys and Pieter du Toit take the stage win, but with the nearly four minute gap held by the first PYGA Euro Steel team, the sprint finish was not going to take away their victory. Amy McDougall (left) and Robyn de Groot power up the hill at Vernon Crookes Nature Reserve. Photo: Anthony Grote. In the women’s race, a crash for Motorlease Perigon’s Amy McDougall saw to it that the Galileo Risk Infiniti SPOT team of Theresa Ralph and Kim le Court could take the stage win, but the two previous days of powerful riding from Motorlease Perigon secured them the title. The final stage of the three day mountain bike stage race started at Jolivet Farm and took riders through sugar cane farms, coastal forest and Vernon Crookes Game Reserve, before arriving at Scottburgh beach via the Hansgrohe floating bridge across the lagoon. The finish is a further 2kms to Scottburgh Golf Club. The pace was fast and furious from the start with the top seven teams together for the first half of the race. DSV Pro Cycling and Absolute Motion dropped off the pace and at the 39 km mark at Vernon Crookes, the five teams of PYGA Euro Steel 1 and 2, Imbuko Giant, TypeDev NanoTime and Insect Science were left to fight it out. The young Imbuko Giant pair challenged the PYGA Euro Steel first team in the front multiple times, with Marco Joubert surging to the front at the 46km mark. The front position then switched countless times between riders and the pace was relentless. First across the line as a team were Philip Buys and Pieter du Toit of PYGA Euro Steel 2 (02:40:04). Second for the stage was Arno du Toit and Keagan Bontekoning of Insect Science (02:40:05), after Arno du Toit surged to the front of the group to cross the finish line first. TypeDev NanoTime’s Matt Beers and Wessel Botha take the third place on the podium after a fourth place finish for the stage (02:40:11). In third place for today’s stage was Imbuko Giant’s Marco Joubert and Rudi Koen (02:40:09), who despite a third place stage win on stage 2 as well, did not get a spot on the overall podium. Heyns and Beukes (PYGA Euro Steel 1) finished fifth for the stage (02:40:09). Matthys Beukes and Gert Heyns. Photo: Anthony Grote. Beukes says: “It’s been such a good weekend of racing, it feels like some sort of normality has returned to racing. We rode in the front to try and stay out of trouble, it was a solid day and plain sailing.” Heyns commented on the fast pace of the day: “Everyone was fast with peaking after Marathon Champs, so this was definitely one of the harder races to win. sani2c is one of the best stage races in the country so a good one to have for the CV. On their second place for the stage Heyns says: “We definitely decided to play it safe as it was a big group. We were not too concerned about the stage today.” Buys says: “On this last day it’s always difficult to get away, and everyone is strong so it was even harder. Everyone was racing for third spot so we were fine with keeping it steady and the win on this stage was a bonus for us.” SA Marathon Champ Beers says: “A few of us tried to get away on the climbs but we kept coming back together, so everyone knew it was going to be a sprint at the end, so we are happy to be on the podium.” Joubert: “I think everyone wanted to take the stage win, that was our goal for today. It was a superfast stage with most of it being downhill and the climbs are only about maximum four minutes effort, so you couldn’t really get a gap on the guys. We sprinted it out and took third for the stage.” The Absolute Motion team of Henry Liebenberg and Brendan van Eeden claimed the fifth spot for the stage and in general classification. The young Tristan Nortje from Imbuko Giant, riding in the Solo category, stuck with the lead bunch most of the day and crossed the line less than ten minutes behind the winning team (09:02:32). Motorlease Perigon securing overall victory Motorlease Perigon’s overall victory was never in serious jeopardy despite McDougall’s crash at about the 10km mark, which lost them significant time. At the 23km mark there was an eight minute gap between first and second, but the powerful duo of De Groot and McDougall pulled their way back to less than two minutes behind at the finish of the final stage. Their time for today’s stage was 03:10:57, while Galileo Risk Infiniti SPOT’s Ralph and Le Court finished the stage in 03:09:43. Amy McDougall and Robyn de Groot. Photo: Anthony Grote. Mc Dougall says: “We were grateful for the buffer today, you can never count your chickens before they hatch in stage racing.” De Groot: “Amy and I have a nice rhythm and we understand each other. We both knew there was work to be done to regain our losses, so we just put our heads down and each played our part.” Ralph: “In the beginning there was a lot of bunching and slipping and sliding through the single track and I think Amy had a crash and I am sorry for that, and we just kept on going from there. Then we didn’t see them behind us, so we just kept it going. We know the class of these two riders, if you get a gap on them its not going to last for long.” Le Court: “We got a time gap today but that gap became small very quickly. I’m taking this year to learn, and to be in a team with Theresa and Sam Sanders is amazing.” Danielle Strydom and Janice Venter were third across the line (03:43:20), over 30 minutes after the Motorlease pair, maintaining their third spot on the podium. GENERAL CLASSIFICATION RESULTS Men PYGA Euro Steel 1 (Matthys Beukes/Gert Heyns) 08:55:16 PYGA Euro Steel 2 (Pieter du Toit/Philip Buys) 08:58:21 TypeDev Nanotime (Matt Beers/Wessel Botha) 09:01:14 Imbuko Giant Pro Team (Marco Joubert/Rudi Koen) 09:05:00 Absolute Motion Men (Henry Liebenberg/Brendan van Eeden) 09:30:15 Women Motorlease Perigon (Amy McDougall/Robyn de Groot) 10:40:41 Galileo Risk Infiniti SPOT (Theresa Ralph/Kim le Court) 11.01.39 Insect Science (Danielle Strydom/Janice Venter ) 12:22:48 Mixed teams Team Garmin MTB (Ben Melt Swanepoel/Yolandi du Toit) 11:11:20 #MBM(Mannie Heymans/Courtney Liebenberg) 11:54:00 Alpha Betas (Ben Garret/Olivia Read) 11:59:54
  5. Philip Buys (right) and Marco Joubert in view (photo Anthony Grote) The second PYGA Euro Steel team Philip Buys and Pieter du Toit maintained their second place in 03:28:02 (GC:06:18:17). Umbuko Giant’s Marco Joubert and Rudi Koen secured a solid third place in 03:28:03 (GC 06:24:50) ahead of TypeDev NanoTime’s Matt Beers and Wessel Botha who finished in 03:30:43 (GC 06:21:02). Riders left Mackenzie Club near Ixopo at 6.30am to ride down the famous “Umko Drop”, a descent into the Umkomaas Valley, followed by the “Iconic Climb”, an ascent that can be the deciding factor of the race. Stage 2 is a 97km route ascending 1185m, with a total descent of 1855m, and it finishes at Jolivet Farm near Umzinto. The race finishes at Scottburgh tomorrow. Beukes says: “It went very well for us. Our gameplan was to hit the Valley Climb really hard and we did that and managed to get a gap quite early on. We then just had to maintain and steadily build on our gap. It was a solid day for us. Heyns says: “Matthys was very strong and did the pacing and luckily we now have a good gap ahead of tomorrow.” Beukes says about the plan for tomorrow: “We have some time to play with now but anything can still happen so we have to be on it. In most cases the best defence is offence so we may as well send it again for Sunday.” Slipping from third into fourth for the day, Beers says: “Wessel had a crash around 35kms after the first water point and hurt his hip quite badly, and his bike was a bit banged up. We had to chase back and rejoin and Wessel was struggling to pedal at full power. We just had to try and make sure Rudi and Marco didn’t get too far ahead. We still have a few minutes ahead of them going into tomorrow so hoping to go for the podium spot.” The pair maintain their third place in the general classification. Matthys Beukes (left) and Gert Heyns (photo Maryann Shaw) Joubert and Koen were happy with the day’s performance: “Rudi had a bad day yesterday, so today was all about managing the effort and seeing how hard we can go, and I think we paced ourselves pretty well. Towards the end, we could have possibly tried for second, but tomorrow is a long hard day so we hope to reap the reward of saving a bit at the end.” Koen says: “I felt much better than yesterday, and I really enjoyed the trails and views we had today. Ready for tomorrow.” The Absolute Motion team of Henry Liebenberg and Brendan van Eeden claimed the fifth spot in the stage in 03:40:42 (GC 06:40:46). Insect Science Pro Cycling’s Arno du Toit and Keagan Bontekoning, who were fourth yesterday and had hoped to gain on the lead group today to secure a stage win, had their hopes dashed by technical issues and finished in 04:15:49 (GC 07:09:36). The young Tristan Nortje from Imbuko Giant was the first solo man across the line and fourth across the line for the stage, in a time of 03:24:54 (GC 06:21:41). Another strong day for Motorlease Perigon Robyn de Groot (dormakaba) and Amy McDougall for team Motorlease Perigon, again dominated and finished in 04:05:39 (GC 07:29:43), over 13 minutes ahead of Galileo Risk Infiniti SPOT’s Theresa Ralph and Kim le Court who finished in 04:19:52 (GC 07:51:53). Robyn de Groot (left) and Amy McDougall (photo Anthony Grote) De Groot and McDougall are now nearly 22 minutes ahead in the general classification and only a serious complication could alter the final result. De Groot says: “We had a successful second day, pretty much trouble free. Unexpectedly we landed up in a fantastic position with a gap at the start, and we just kept going expecting people to catch us from behind, and nobody came. We were pretty much by ourselves for most of the day.” Mc Dougall says: “I’ve never had a bad day 2 at sani2c, and I’ve done it about 7 times now. It’s a monster of a day but such as awesome ride.” Ralph: “We had technical issues with Kim’s seat and then my chain dropped. That didn’t slow us down too much, and Kim just absolutely went up Iconic. We are happy with the day.” Le Court: “I found the Umko drop was a bit scary for me today, I couldn’t see the road ahead because of the sunrise and I almost fell very hard, so I was a bit nervous and I think we lost a bit of time there as I went quite slow, but I found my legs at Iconic.” Danielle Strydom and Janice Venter were third in a time of 04:44:32 (GC 08:39:28). Says Strydom: “It was a good day for us, the first bit of the race we were lying quite well, but somewhere on the single track Theresa and Kim dropped us and we got stuck behind some of the riders. Then they had a technical and we caught up with them, but they were just stronger than us.” Amy McDougall (left) and Robyn de Groot (photo Maryann Shaw) STAGE 2 RESULTS Men PYGA Euro Steel 1 (Matthys Beukes/Gert Heyns) 03:24:32 PYGA Euro Steel 2 (Pieter du Toit/Philip Buys) 03:28:02 Imbuko Giant Pro Team (Marco Joubert/Rudi Koen) 03:28:03 TypeDev Nanotime (Matt Beers/Wessel Botha) 03:30:43 Absolute Motion Men (Henry Liebenberg/Brendan van Eeden) 03:40:42 Women Motorlease Perigon (Amy McDougall/Robyn de Groot) 04:05:39 Galileo Risk Infiniti SPOT (Theresa Ralph/Kim le Court) 04:19:52 Insect Science (Danielle Strydom/Janice Venter ) 03:24:54 Mixed teams Team Garmin MTB (Ben Melt Swanepoel/Yolandi du Toit) 04:26:09 #MBM(Mannie Heymans/Courtney Liebenberg) 04:50:18 Alpha Betas (Ben Garret/Olivia Read) 04:47:49
  6. Another exciting finish in the men’s race at stage 2 of the KAP sani2c, but PYGA Euro Steel’s Matthys Beukes and Gert Heyns managed to extend their overall lead by nearly 4 minutes as they charged across the line in a time of 03:24:32 (GC 06:14:45). View full article
  7. It was a sprint finish as the PYGA Euro Steel team of Matthys Beukes and Gert Heyns took the stage win at day one of the KAP sani2c today, in a time of 02:50:13, just two seconds ahead of teammates Philip Buys and Pieter du Toit. Matt Beers powered across the line just ahead of the second PYGA Euro Steel team but his teammate Wessel Botha was seconds behind and the pair had to be satisfied with third place for the stage (02:50:19). View full article
  8. Riders set off from Glencairn Farm in Himeville on Friday morning and covered 82kms of mixed terrain and 1175 metres of climbing to finish at Mackenzie Club near Ixopo. Matthys Beukes (right) and Pieter du Toit on Great Oke single track (Photo Anthony Grote) PYGA Euro Steel’s winning duo were very happy with their performance, says Matthys Beukes: “It was the three teams of us riding together, then it got a bit tactical with 15kms to go. It was tight racing, so I’m glad we could pull it off with some smart tactics. It’s good to have two teams in the top three.” Gert Heyns: “We both felt quite good today, but its very hard to get away. Tomorrow should be a rougher route so there is more opportunity and there should be a bigger gap. We already have a good gap with our two teams in the top three, so from here we can obviously go for the win.” Matt Beers was content with third place for the stage: “The PYGA boys are on form so I knew it would be hard to get a gap. They have 4 riders so they can play a bit more of a team tactic, so Wessel and I had to manage ourselves. We only lost a few seconds at the end; you are lucky if you get a gap on the first day, so I think it went well.” Day 2 presents riders will the best opportunity to get a solid gap, and as Matt says: “The Iconic Climb is probably where things are going to split up tomorrow, that’s quite a decider. If they get away we can maybe pull them back, and if we get away we can maybe pull away.” Wessel Botha says of the sprint finish: “All three teams were on the limit as we approached the finish. Matthys was the strongest getting a gap, and when Gert kicked, it was just too hard for me to hold his wheel. I think we did a good job to minimise our losses and I’m feeling positive going into tomorrow’s stage. I really enjoyed the day, some super nice trails out there.” Matthys Beukes (left) and Gert Heyns (photo Maryann Shaw) Insect Science Pro Cycling’s Arno du Toit and Keagan Bontekoning were just over two minutes behind the first three teams, and are optimistic about tomorrow’s stage. Du Toit says: “From the start the pace was quite high on the gravel road. We were in the front split but Keagan was at the back of the bunch. We knew we had to be at the front on that first climb, so Keagan had to surge to get to the front. The effort was a bit much and we were just off the back before the climb. We got back to the leaders at the first water point, but after that they surged again and we were then by ourselves for most of the race. “I’m confident we will be able to hold the gap, tomorrow is a long day, and we had a steady consistent effort rather than the surging of the front guys, so hopefully today hurt their legs more than ours.” Imbuko Giant Pro Team of Marco Joubert and Rudi Koen were fifth (02:56:47) One of the teams expected to perform well, DSV Pro Cycling (03:16:10), had technical difficulties and after a few kilometres Jacques Janse van Rensburg had to ride on only one gear until they could get assistance at the 40km mark. Janse van Rensburg says: “The GC race is over for us, but we just conserved energy and are now hoping for a good stage result.” Dominant performance in the women’s race Robyn de Groot (dormakaba) and Amy McDougall, both riding for team Motorlease Perigon, crossed the line a convincing eight minutes ahead of team Galileo Risk Infiniti SPOT (Theresa Ralph/Kim le Court), in a time of 3:24:03. Amy McDougall (left) and Robyn de Groot (photo Maryann Shaw) De Groot says: “It was a smooth day, we were surprised to get a gap quite early and broke away at the 10km mark. We found a rhythm and worked well together.” McDougall, when asked about tomorrow’s stage, says: “I took some shots today so I think we’ll keep it steady and see how it goes tomorrow. I loved the day. The single track is insane, and as usual you can see a whole lot of effort from the organisers.” Theresa Ralph says of their second place: “I felt my legs were cold and I couldn’t get them warm. When the girls attacked on one of the climbs they just went for it and I just couldn’t get blood flow to my legs. It was one of those days where the body was not working according to what was planned. Amy McDougall on the floating bridges on Mossbank Dam (photo Anthony Grote) “Kim was amazing, she pulled me all the way. She can go out hard and fast so I definitely held her back, I think she could have stuck with Amy and Robyn to a certain point, but not me today. Tomorrow is a longer day and I tend to get stronger as the days go on, so I’m hoping for that. So we’re going to recover and give it a go tomorrow.” Le Court says: “Last year was my first sani and it was in the mud so this year I am really happy with the weather, and the scenery was beautiful. Awesome to ride with T with her experience, I learnt a lot. It was tough, but I really enjoyed it.” On their approach for tomorrow’s tough second stage that takes riders down into the Umkomaas Valley and up the “Iconic Climb”, le Court says: “We should be careful tomorrow. The gap is pretty big; it’s a long day and it climbs a lot, so I don’t think we should burn ourselves too much. We will take our own pace from the start and not try and stick with them from the gun; we’ll ride our own race.” Danielle Strydom and Janice Venter were third in a time of 03:54:55. RESULTS Men PYGA Euro Steel 1 (Matthys Beukes/Gert Heynss) 02:50:13 PYGA Euro Steel 2 (Pieter du Toit/Philip Buys) 02:50:15 TypeDev Nanotime (Matt Beers/Wessel Botha) 02:50:19 Insect Science 2 (Arno du Toit/Keagan Bontekoning) 02:52:47 Imbuko Giant Pro Team (Marco Joubert/Rudi Koen) 02:56:47 Women Motorlease Perigon (Amy McDougall/Robyn de Groot) 03:24:03 Galileo Risk Infiniti SPOT (Theresa Ralph/Kim le Court) 03:32:00 Insect Science (Danielle Strydom/Janice Venter ) 03:54:55 Mixed teams Team Garmin MTB (Ben Melt Swanepoel/Yolandi du Toit) 03:22:52 #MBM(Mannie Heymans/Courtney Liebenberg) 03:38:54 Stimela (Christo Yzel/Karlise Scheepers) 03:53:17
  9. Phatcat

    Sani2C May 2021

    Hi Everyone I know that some of you have done S2C and congratulations on that achievement, I am doing the Sani2C in May 2021. I have been putting in 6-9 hours a week since the 2nd week of Feb 2021. My hill climbing is not the best. What trails in JHB could I do that will give me elevation? Last question, on the weekend rides should you be concentrating on hours spent or km's done. If so, how many hours on a sat and sun should you be putting in or how many km's should you be aiming for on sat and sun. All help is appreciated. Thanks in advance for your responses.
  10. After 2020 saw a number of shake-ups amongst South Africa’s professional mountain bikers, many have settled into new teams and are ready to race KAP sani2c next month. The organisers are delighted to be hosting the usual sani2c magic, both for those looking for the ride of their lives, and for the professional teams who had very little racing last year. View full article
  11. The KAP sani2c is one of the oldest, and a much-loved 3 day mountain bike stage race, offering 263kms of spectacular trails between Himeville in the southern Drakensberg and Scottburgh on the South Coast in KwaZulu-Natal. Two versions of the 3 day event take place over 4 days. Dates for May 2021 facilitate shifted start days so that the Race finishes on a Sunday. The Adventure is from Thursday 13 to Saturday 15 May, and The Race is from Friday 14 to Sunday 16 May. Many of SA’s elite riders have confirmed their entries. Arno du Toit (left) and Gert Heyns cross the finish line first as team DSV Pro Cycling at the 2020 KAP sani2c. Both are riding with new teams this year. Photo by Anthony Grote. Gert Heyns and Arno du Toit took first place at the December 2020 KAP sani2c as DSV Pro Cycling, and both have since joined other established teams, PYGA Euro Steel and Insect Science respectively. The PYGA Euro Steel team now comprises Matthys Beukes, Philip Buys, Gert Heyns and Pieter du Toit, yet to announce the pairings for sani2c. Team manager Ruan Lochner: “We really look forward to the 2021 sani2c, it’s one of our highlights for the year. We’ve done the past five sani2c races and were on the podium each year, so we are familiar with what it takes to perform at the top level there. This year we’ll have two strong teams racing for the top spots. With SA marathon champs just two weeks prior to the start of sani2c, all the teams on the start line will be in good shape. It will definitely be an exciting and strongly contested race.” The famous descent into the Umkomaas Valley on Day 2 of the KAP sani2c. Photo by Kelvin Trautman Matt Beers, who is is riding with Wessel Botha for Team TypeDev NanoTime, is no stranger to the podium at sani2c and was a notable absence at the 2020 sani2c. He says: “It is Wessel’s first time racing the event and I think it suits him extremely well, so we have a good chance.” For Insect Science, Arno du Toit will be paired with Keagan Bontekoning who placed third with guest team member Brendan van Eeden at December’s sani2c. Other pro men’s teams include Umbuko Giant (Marco Joubert and Rudi Koen), Valley Electrical Titan Racing (Marc Fourie and Rob Hobson), and the new signings for DSV Pro Cycling, Nicol Carstens and Jacques Janse van Rensburg. In the women’s race, the favourites are bound to be the Galileo Infiniti SPOT team. Theresa Ralph (who came second overall last year with Sarah Hill), will pair with new team member Kim le Court, who placed third with Frances Janse van Rensburg in December. Theresa Ralph at the 2020 KAP sani2c. Photo by Anthony Grote. Theresa Ralph says: “I’ve got a really good partner in Kim, the youngster, who is up and coming in the mountain bike arena - she has always been a roadie and has had phenomenal results on the road. Now she is focused on mountain biking and she is going for that podium. She is fit at the moment; we raced each other recently and she was hot on my heels, so riding as a pair is going to be really good. Fingers crossed the weather holds this year, as I am so looking forward to that middle day, dropping down the Umko and putting down the watts at the bottom. I’m also looking forward to going up the Iconic Climb, as its a real test.” Danielle Strydom (previous winner of the Young Guns category at sani2c), who has joined the Insect Science team, will ride with guest team member Janice Venter. Other pro entries are yet to be finalised. Founder of KAP sani2c, ‘Farmer’ Glen Haw, says: “We look forward to another May sani2c; we have our usual level of hospitality planned and the trails are looking good. After 16 years, our trails are well established and the key to enjoying the event is that the faster you go, the more technical it becomes to ride. “Those who want to have a fun three days on the bike with the scenic beauty of trails that you can only ride during this event, can do so knowing that sani2c is a doable event if you are fit and have some technical skills. You can leave the racing to the elite riders and experience the best three days of mountain biking available in SA.” KAP sani2c takes riders on trails only available during the event. Photo Kelvin Trautman. COVID-19 protocols will be in place and social distancing will be encouraged. Screening will be conducted and a contact register will record all attendees’ details. Batches will be smaller and 25 teams per batch will set off each day. The Solo category was introduced in 2020 and remains an option, but as Farmer Glen says, the sani2c is focused on being a team event: “There are so many reasons that sani2c is enjoyed best as a team event, not least of which is the fact that it is a challenging event over 3 days, and as a team each rider can be supported when the other is having a tough time of it. “E-bikes are also encouraged, but we urge e-bike riders to come to enjoy the fun of the trails of sani2c, and not to race,” says Farmer Glen. The Adventure is full, but a few entries are available for the Race, until the closing date of Monday 3 May. Enter at sani2c.co.za Follow on social media for news and inspiration, as well as live coverage during the Race: Facebook: sani2c Twitter: _sani2c Instagram: _sani2c
  12. Hi all I've been very graciously sponsored to ride the upcoming Sani2C, this coming December 2020. I'm looking forward to it but I'm also apprehensive haha . My main concerns are the altitude, heat and humidity, but generally I just don't know what to expect. Could anyone share some advice on the event? Like anything you think one should take with them that might not be obvious? - Would you recommend any specific bike spares? - How difficult are those floating bridges? - How easy is it to charge a phone? - What is cellular coverage like en-route and in the villages? - Do water points have low sugar stuff like baby potatoes? I've shored up my bike setup with a new saddle (which I've spent a few hours riding now - it RAWKS) and a general bike service. I'm also planning on carrying an USWE backpack for water (3L). I'm thinking of carrying a first aid kit in my backpack and a satellite tracker. Any advice really or just say hi so we can share in the excitement (or fear) EOF
  13. Stage 2 was declared a neutral day after poor weather and dangerous conditions caused the race to be rerouted. The third stage saw riders cover 86kms from Jolivet farm to Scottburgh. The dormakaba team of Amy McDougall and Robyn de Groot won the women’s race in an overall time of 07:03:10, after a clean sweep of stage wins. Heyns (right) and Du Toit. Photo: Anthony Grote PYGA Euro Steel’s Matthys Beukes and Phil Buys were second over the line today and came second overall (06:19:39). The young Insect Science team of Brendan van Eeden and Keagan Bontekoning were third overall (06:25:24) after taking third place in the stage today. The second women’s team across the line today was Galileo Risk Infiniti, Sarah Hill and Theresa Ralph, taking second overall in a time of 07:15:41. Absolute Demacon’s Kim le Court and Frances Janse van Rensburg were third in the stage, which secures them third place overall in a time of 07:35:36. Du Toit and Heyns stamped their authority on the race from the start, and after their Stage 1 win on Thursday they had a gap of over 3 minutes on the PYGA Euro Steel team. Without a second stage day of racing, that usually descends the Umkomaas Valley and climbs out again, the PYGA Euro Steel team were going to struggle to make up time in the fast third stage down to the coast. The top three men’s teams stuck together for much of the race, no one taking any chances in trying conditions. Du Toit (left) and Heyns. Photo: Anthony Grote After the first day we had a confidence that we were the strongest here, so we just set a good pace on the climbs to make sure that no one gets away. In the end it was quite muddy dropping down into the last valley and a few of the guys dropped off and rejoined again. Luckily our bikes didn’t have any problems and we rode together with Philip and Matthys until about 5kms from the finish, where they lost contact, I think Philip punctured. Gert Heyns It was unfortunate for them, I think it probably would have come down to an exciting sprint finish. Most of the day we tried to keep on the front to avoid stuff like that from happening, riding on the front is a bit safer. The plan was to go hard in the beginning and get them under pressure. The rest of the time we just tried to stay close to the front and keep it safe. Arno du Toit The Insect Science guys were with us most of the time as well, going through rough muddy patches they lost contact and then rejoined, then towards the end they lost contact again; they did a great race. Gert Heyns Du Toit (left) and Heyns. Photo: Maryann Shaw. DSV really deserved the win, they were the strongest riders over the past few days. Phil Buys They (DSV) rode defensively, we also had to ride defensively to be in control of second spot from the Insect Science guys. We tried a few times to just push Gert and Arno but to be honest I didn’t have the legs to do that here. Phil punctured and had to ride the last kms on the rim, it was a bit stressful watching over our shoulders for the Insect Science guys. We are quite happy to take second spot. Matthys Beukes In the women’s race, McDougall and De Groot powered their way to a 2 minute lead early on in the race and were able to maintain the lead until they crossed the line at Scottburgh. McDougall (left) and De Groot. Photo: Anthony Grote. We decided just to keep it safe today as we had a 5 minute buffer, there was no point in taking risks. It seemed like we got a good gap anyway and are super happy to take the win. Amy McDougall We went in with the same objectives, we both agreed on it which is vital. We were keen to see how we felt out there and also check the conditions out, they were pretty sketchy. In these conditions, you work hard the whole time, you can’t lose concentration. Robyn de Groot McDougall. Photo: Anthony Grote Today was so exciting. As soon as we hit the muddy sections the bikes were slipping and sliding. In the end a race like this is not about when you fall over its how fast you get up again. Sarah Hill Third placed Absolute Demacon were both riding their first sani2c, and at 19 years old, Frances Janse van Rensburg was riding her first stage race. For so long we have been the ankle biters, because there are always only two racers, and it is such a privilege now to have our own ankle biters, constantly looking back while we were chasing the dormakaba ladies. Sarah Hill The 16th edition of KAP sani2c was postponed to December from its usual May dates due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and took place on a much smaller scale to comply with regulations. 500 riders took part in the Adventure from 2-4 December, and less than 500 riders took place in the Race. McDougall (left) and De Groot. Photo: Maryann Shaw Stage three results OverallDSV Pro Cycling (Arno du Toit/Gert Heyns) 03:09:30 PYGA Euro Steel 1 (Matthys Beukes/Phil Buys) 03:14:11 Insect Science 1 (Brendan van Eeden/Keagan Bontekoning) 03:18:33 PYGA Euro Steel 2 (Pieter du Toit/Francois Theron) 03:26:03 Insect Science 2 (Alan Gordon/CP van Wyk) 03:32:46 Women dormakaba (Amy McDougall/Robyn de Groot) 03:36:48 Galileo Risk Infiniti (Sarah Hill/Theresa Ralph) 03:44:25 Absolute Demacon (Kim le Court/Frances Janse van Rensburg) 03:58:38 General Classification OverallDSV Pro Cycling (Arno du Toit/Gert Heyns) 06:10:38 PYGA Euro Steel 1 (Matthys Beukes/Phil Buys) 06:19:39 Insect Science 1 (Brendan van Eeden/Keagan Bontekoning) 06:25:24 PYGA Euro Steel 2 (Pieter du Toit/Francois Theron) 06:39:18 Insect Science 2 (Alan Gordon/CP van Wyk) 06:42:32 Women dormakaba (Amy McDougall/Robyn de Groot) 07:03:10 Galileo Risk Infiniti (Sarah Hill/Theresa Ralph) 07:15:41 Absolute Demacon (Kim le Court/Frances Janse van Rensburg) 07:35:36 Mixed teams Absolute Motion TCH (Chris Horter/Christie Hearder) 07:49:00 The Rodents Mys & (Andries van der Merwe/Helen Squirrel) 08:22:17 Black Sheep (Many Augustyn/Wesley Augustyn) 08:49:17
  14. Gert Heyns DSV (front) and PYGA Eurosteel Phil Buys. Photo: Anthony Grote. PYGA Euro Steel’s Matthys Beukes and Phil Buys were over the line over 4 minutes behind team DSV in a time of 03:04:24. The 22 year old Henry Liebenberg took the first solo rider category finishing with the PYGA Euro Steel duo. (03:05:25). The third team in was Insect Science’s Brendan van Eeden and Keagan Bontekoning (03:09:45). DSV’s du Toit: “About 5kms before the floating bridges at the first main climb of the day, we made it quite hard up there just testing everyone out, we thought they [PYGA Euro Steel] would be the main competition. From there on we could use our technical skills to our advantage - Sani is not known as a technical race but the mud made it hardcore technical which really suits us. I just followed Gert, he is probably the best line reader in South Africa.” Heyns: “The slippery conditions made it a bit more more exciting actually, all the trails had pretty good grip for how wet it is. It was more of a mess on the open roads and all the puddles, but we managed to power through them and it looks like we have a good gap.” Gert Heyns (left) and Arno du Toit. Photo: Maryann Shaw. Matthys Beukes: “The weather conditions were actually perfect. It was smooth riding, there was no dust, its usually winter time and dry and dusty. I struggled to go into the red zone on the first climb and from there on we were just chasing. Arno and Gert were too strong, we did what we could to manage the losses.” Phil Buys: “It was a tough first day, tougher than usual. Arno and Gert had us under pressure from early on so it was difficult to keep it cool and reel in the time. We missed one turn about 15-20 kms to to the end, we did not lose too much time but it added more pressure. Tomorrow we will have to make up time, it is probably the only day we can make up a lot of time, so we just need to keep it cool and make the right calls tomorrow.” The young Insect Science team take the Young Guns (under 23) category win and were very pleased with their third place overall. Bontekoning: “Very happy to be in third place. The beginning was very chilled, then it split up to about five teams, then after the first water bridge, on the climb they really started attacking and DSV got away. We rode with PYGA the whole day, they got away at a few places and then on this last climb they got a gap on us.” Van Eeden: “We worked well as a team, managed our effort and looking forward to tomorrow.” The dormakaba women powered through to the finish and were very happy to get the Stage 1 win, with a nearly five minute gap between them and the second women’s team in, Galileo Risk Infiniti’s Sarah Hill and Theresa Ralph (03:31:14). Dormakaba on Stage. Photo: Anthony Grote. The Absolute Demacon team of Kim le Court and Frances Janse van Rensburg were third in a time of 03:36:58. McDougall: “We had an awesome ride out there, lovely single track and awesome trails, it’s always good to take the win. We were all together until the floating bridge; we kept it steady and got a gap from there.” De Groot: “Definitely a tough day in the saddle but a fantastic day. It started off dry and as we hit the track it got wetter and wetter out there.” She said about the gap between them and Galileo Risk Infiniti: “You definitely need to claim what you can especially on a day like today where the weather conditions were perfect. The forecast doesn’t look good for tomorrow, and if it does rain it will be a tough day.” McDougall (left) and de Groot. Photo: Maryann Shaw Sarah Hill: “We are so muddy right now. We all stuck together for the first quarter of the race. As we started climbing the dormakaba girls put in a nice little attack. We tried to keep them in sight, but we need to remember that we are riding for three days and we can’t burn all our matches. That is where Theresa’s pacing is incredible. I feel that we raced better on this first day than last year’s first day despite the conditions. We came in second and we are still waiting for third to come in, so its a really good day for us.” Ralph: “They [dormakaba] are very strong at the moment, we are forever on their heels. It’s phenomenal to have this class of riders, and us in contention with them.” Le Court: “Very muddy and super fun. I loved the trails. It was tough and I’m exhausted, but we will definitely be back in the next few years.” Janse van Rensburg: “The trails were really muddy, I had a bit of a fall into a bush, but I really loved it, it was fun.” Tomorrow’s Queen stage takes riders 97kms to Jolivet farm, with the famous descent into the Umkomaas Valley and the “Iconic” climb back out. 2020 KAP sani2c Stage 1 Results OverallDSV Pro Cycling (Arno du Toit/Gert Heyns) 03:01:07 PYGA Euro Steel 1 (Matthys Beukes/Phil Buys) 03:05:24 Insect Science 1 (Brendan van Eeden/Keagan Bontekoning) 03:06:49 Insect Science 2 (Alan Gordon/CP van Wyk) 03:09:45 PYGA Euro Steel 2 (Pieter du Toit/Francois Theron) 03:13:14 Women Dormakaba (Amy McDougall/Robyn de Groot) 03:26:22 Galileo Risk Infiniti (Sarah Hill/Theresa Ralph) 03:31:14 Absolute Demacon (Kim le Court/Frances Janse van Rensburg) 03:36:58 Mixed teams Absolute Motion TCH (Chris Horter/Christie Hearder) 03:41:44 Mys (Andries van der Merwe/Helen Squirrel) 04:07:20 Pieke (Philip Piek/Joan Piek) 04:15:21
  15. In the men’s Race, last year’s winners Matthys Beukes and Phil Buys (PYGA Euro Steel) will be looking to retain their title, with the DSV Pro Cycling team of Arno du Toit and Gert Heyns challenging them over a tough three days of riding. The PYGA Euro Steel team will be completed with the pairing of young Pieter du Toit and guest to the team Francois Theron, a skilled and experienced rider. Beukes says the team is ready for sani2c: “It has been a very challenging year. I came out of lockdown in good form but then struggled with illness. I am feeling strong again and am looking forward to some good racing after this strange time.” Arno du Toit recently placed third at the XCO Championship in Stellenbosch and says that he and Heyns expect to be in top form and will be looking to take the top spot: “We have always placed a strong emphasis on sani2c, and especially after so little racing this year, we will be pushing for the win. We are very much looking forward to the vibe of sani2c.” Another pair to watch will be Timo Cooper and Shaun-Bick Bester of Darkhorse Wheels Pro Cycling. Cooper was previously retired and since last year has made a comeback to professional cycling. He says: “Shaun-Nick is flying at the moment. I will be hanging on. We understand each other as riders and individuals though and we will make a great team for sani2c.” Insect Science is fielding two teams, with Alan Gordon (fresh off an overall win at the recent Sabie Xperience stage race) riding with CP van Wyk. Keagan Bontekoning will ride with Absolute Motion’s Brendan van Eeden, a young rider who has had a spate of wins since racing resumed. Gordon last did sani2c four years ago : “We have had a good season with what little racing we have done, with some good results, and we will definitely be aiming for the podium.” In the women’s Race, dormakaba will be represented by Robyn de Groot (who won the title with Sam Sanders last year) and Amy McDougall. The formidable pair of Sarah Hill and Theresa Ralph (Galileo Risk Infiniti) who placed second last year, will be strong competition for dormakaba, and the young Absolute Demacon team of Kim le Court and Frances Janse van Rensburg will be looking to make their mark in their first stage race together. De Groot, who placed fourth at the UCI MTB Marathon World Championships last month, says that she is excited to be back doing a stage race, the first since lockdown: “We are embracing the fact that we can do stage racing again, and we know how important the event is for the communities. Doing sani2c in December throws in a whole new season and it could be hot and humid, and possibly rainy, so it could make for interesting conditions.” McDougall says: “It’s been a crazy year but we have thankfully had the opportunity to race a lot since September,” says McDougall. She was on the podium in four of the recent Trailseeker Series events, placed fourth at SA XCO Champs in Stellenbosch and took first place in last month’s Cradle Mountain Trophy. “Robyn is flying at the moment and I feel my form is good enough to fill Sam’s shoes and keep the title in dormakaba’s colours. That being said there are some strong ladies racing against us and also, anything can happen in mountain biking with regards to mechanicals etc.” “Kim Le Court and Frances Janse van Rensberg are racing as a team which is exciting! They have both shown good form in this year’s Trailseeker series and Frances just won U23 XCO Champs. It will be great to have a strong field with exciting racing.” Sarah Hill, after contracting COVID-19 in August, has recovered well and she came first at the Sabie Xperience: “I am slowly starting to feel myself again and I am looking forward to racing this year’s sani2c on form and ready for action. Theresa is riding well and really strong which is a pleasure to have. Her consistency and team element is something that inspires me every day.” Kim le Court says: “Me and Frances have never raced has a team before, we are both young and super excited for this race. We are looking to get a podium, and honestly it’s our first stage race event ever, so we are really just wanting to go there to give it our best and come out knowing we gave everything.” Tune into the KAP sani2c social media channels for live updates on the Race.
  16. Tech Zone This Year we are offering bike transportation from Cape Town to the Starting venue at the Sani2C, the bikes will then be handed in on the final day and transported back to Cape Town at Recycles (21 Northumberland street) where the bikes will receive a Wash N' Lube before collection. Bikes must be Booked in at Recycles store on Friday the 27 November 2020 for transportation. Please Pre-Book to secure your spot, for more information please contact J.p at 0828096445 Or email at info@recycles.co.za Recycles 21 Northumberland street Boston Cape Town 7530
  17. Hi there, We're a team of 2 driving up for the Sani2C. We're based in Stellenbosch, so anyone from the Cape area is welcome. We have space available for 2 people with their bikes and kit. Flights are difficult and very expensive at the moment, so join us for the scenic drive there and back, and save on costs. Contact me asap so that we can make arrangements! Ruan 082 7190 714 ruanviviers@gmail.com
  18. Photo credit: Anthony Grote. The KAP sani2c is one of the oldest and the largest 3 day mountain bike stage race in the country, with 265kms of spectacular trails between Underberg and Scottburgh in KwaZulu-Natal. Two versions of the 3 day event take place over 4 days. Founder of KAP sani2c, ‘Farmer’ Glen Haw, says: “We need a 2020 sani2c. We need it for the communities along our route who depend on income from the event, and we need it for the riders who are desperate to get out and enjoy the best 3 days of riding available in SA. “Many 2020 entrants deferred their entry to our May 2021 dates, as December is a difficult time for people to get away for 3 days. This has facilitated compliance with COVID-19 regulations and we look forward to an event that will resemble the early sani2c days of the mid-2000s. The experience will be different to the May event in that we are riding in summer and everything will be green, with high temperatures and possibly wet conditions.” Photo credit: Em Gatland. COVID-19 protocols will be in place and social distancing will be encouraged. With three sani2c venues that can each cater for up to 1500 riders, the event is well-placed to manage the much smaller groups. Contact at registration will be kept to a minimum and will largely be done online before arrival. Screening will be conducted and a contact register will record all attendees’ details. Batches will be smaller and 25 teams per batch will set off each day. Start time on Day 2 takes into account the high temperatures expected on a long tough day of riding, and will be at first light. The Solo category was created for the 2020 event due to a demand, and to accommodate riders whose partners are unable to attend. “If your mate pulls out at the last minute, you will be able to switch your entry to a Solo one if you are not able to find a replacement partner in time,” says Farmer Glen. The elite line-up is filled with the best of SA marathon mountain biking: Matt Beers is riding with Wessel Botha (NanoTime), Arno du Toit and Gert Heyns (DSV Pro Cycling) are confirmed entries, along with Matthys Beukes, Philip Buys and Pieter du Toit from PYGA Euro Steel. In the women’s race confirmed entries are dormakaba’s Amy Mc Dougall and Robyn de Groot, and Sarah Hill and Theresa Ralph for team Galileo Risk-Infiniti. In 2020 the Young Guns’ category (teams with both riders aged 19-23) will include a second and third team prize for men and women, with a total purse of R 60k (R 15k for 1st, R 10k for second and R 5k for third). Photo credit: Kelvin Trautman. “We look forward to sharing the usual sani2c magic and hospitality, while hosting a very competitive elite race. We do still have some entries available for the Race and you can enter up until 23 November. Join us next month for a unique sani2c experience,” says Glen. Dates for May 2021 facilitate shifted start days so that the Race finishes on the Sunday rather than the usual Saturday finish. The Adventure is Thursday 13 May - Saturday 15 May and the Race is Friday 14 May - Sunday 16 May. Entries for 2021 will be open on the website from Friday 4 December. Enter the 2020 KAP sani2c at www.sani2c.co.za Follow on social media for news and inspiration, as well as live coverage during the Race: Facebook: sani2c Twitter: _sani2c Instagram: _sani2c
  19. In the light of recent developments relating to the Coronavirus pandemic, the organisers of KAP sani2c, the three-day mountain bike stage race in KwaZulu-Natal due to be held from 12-16 May, have made the decision to postpone the event to December. Click here to view the article
  20. The new dates for KAP sani2c will be 1-5 December, with the Trail version taking place from 1- 3 December, the Adventure from 2-4 December, and the Race will be from 3-5 December. Photo Kelvin Trautman ‘Farmer’ Glen Haw, founder of the sani2c, says: “In the best interests of the health and wellbeing of the sani2c riders and the communities along its route, there is no question that the correct thing to do is to postpone. We are pleased to announce new dates, and the sani2c community looks forward to welcoming our riders in December. In choosing the dates, the sani2c team is cognisant of other stage races taking place during the latter part of the year. They have considered avoiding the rainy season of September and October, and the fire season which affects farmers who enable access to their land. “At sani2c our focus has always been to provide riders with the best possible experience while ensuring the upliftment of the communities along its route. We are ensuring that these communities are able to receive the much needed support that their involvement with sani2c provides.” We are particularly grateful for the continued and unwavering support of our headline sponsor KAP, who also wants to ensure that the sani2c communities still benefit from its involvement,” he said. “Our route crew will continue to work on the trails, and we will be assisting schools to pay teachers and provide other essential services that require the sani2c funding. This need helped inform our decision to postpone rather than to cancel this year’s event.” KAP sani2c encourages riders to enter for the December dates, as all new entries will be fully refundable in the event of a later cancellation. For those previously entered who are not able to make the new dates, their entry will roll over to next year’s event. The KAP sani2c travels 263kms from the Underberg area near the base of Sani Pass down to Scottburgh on the South Coast. It is the largest stage race in the country catering for over 3000 riders, in three separate versions of the event over five days. Follow KAP sani2c on social media for updates: Facebook: sani2c Twitter: _sani2c Instagram: _sani2c
  21. Photo Anthony Grote Many riders are keen for their supporters to experience the race village and spend time with them after a hard day’s riding. Although we cannot accommodate a large number of people, our facilities are constantly being improved and we are now able to make these limited spots available for 2020. Glen Haw, sani2c founder Photo Kelvin Trautman We have also introduced a solo rider category for 2020; and the Super Seconds package will enable couples to attend, with only one of the pair taking part in the race. Many riders who have done sani2c regularly over many years, can now bring along family to experience for themselves, the special experience that sani2c offers. Glen Haw Photo Anthony Grote There will be three options available: Sleep in the tents amongst the riders and enjoy all the facilities, meals and snacks provided in the race villages. Bring along a caravan and then join for meals and use the facilities (and experience the vibe!) of the race villages You can book your own accommodation in the area but come along for meals and race village life. Photo Anthony Grote These packages do not include the night before the race at the Glencairn Farm start venue. The tent with dinner and breakfast, or the dinner and breakfast only option, needs to be purchased separately. For more information visit the KAP sani2c website under the Supporters tab. Photo Anthony Grote Follow on social media for news and inspiration, as well as live coverage during the Race:Facebook: sani2c Twitter: _sani2c Instagram: _sani2c
  22. Hi Everyone, My partner has run into circumstances precluding him from doing the race. I am now solo and looking for a new partner to do the Adventure or Race with. Since the organisers explicitly mandate team entries, I think this could be a good platform for other solo riders to connect and find partners to do the race with. If you are interested, please inbox me and we can have a phone call to see if we could train and race well together. My skill level is intermediate to advanced (especially in technical descents). Fitness is good to great, with a lot of work planned for the lead up to the race. Strava profile: https://www.strava.com/athletes/946755
  23. Photo Anthony Grote If you have been contemplating taking the journey from the Underberg area in KwaZulu-Natal down to Scottburgh on the South Coast, but your regular riding partner is not available, you can now consider this option. “Farmer” Glen Haw, Race Founder, says they are happy to host solo riders, but emphasised that sani2c remains strongly a team event. “Riding with friends and having a good time together on the bike was a core reason for us starting the sani2c, and we don’t want this to change. Also, the sani2c is tough and travels through some remote areas, so the buddy system helps to make sure each rider has someone looking out for them,” he says. Photo Anthony Grote But, says Farmer Glen, the solo entry will assist a range of riders: “Mates who want to travel to the event together may be at different levels of fitness or technical ability, and having solo entries will mean they can start out together, and enjoy the race as a group if it works out that way. But they will have the freedom to split up at different paces during the course of the day if that is how it pans out. Photo Em Gatland “This category will also cater for riders who have partners pull out close to the race and they cannot find a replacement, or for those who just prefer to ride their own race. Riding the sani2c as a team is a fun and rewarding experience and this will remain, but we don’t want to be turning people away who just don’t have a compatible rider they can enter with.” Photo Kevin Sawyer The KAP sani2c is a three-day “Ride of your Life” , with 263km of tough but blissful trails not available at any other time of the year. From the foothills of the southern Drakensberg, through farmlands, tribal land, forestry areas as well as game reserve, the route flows down to the sea at Scottburgh. The famous “Umko Drop” on day 2 is legendary for its 40kms of descent into the Umkomaas Valley, and the “Iconic Climb” back out. Photo Kelvin Trautman The three versions of the sani2c, the Trail, Adventure and Race, make the event one of the largest stage races in the world. It is also one of the oldest stage races in the country, with a rich tradition of providing three days of exceptional riding and hospitality, while also fulfilling its commitment to uplift the many communities along its route. Enter the KAP sani2c here. Photo Em Gatland Follow on social media for news and inspiration, as well as live coverage during the Race:Facebook: sani2c Twitter: _sani2c Instagram: _sani2c
  24. Farmer Glen looks forward to hosting riders at a training camp in February. This year, the much loved 3-day mountain bike stage race takes place between the 12th and the 16th of May, making February a good time to step up your your training and start focusing on the goal. At Glencairn farm, where sani2c starts, you can share in their love of bikes and the beauty of the surrounding area, and get psyched for the best three days you can spend on a bike. Glencairn Farm, the home of KAP sani2c, will be your home for a weekend of training fun. Farmer Glen is excited to host this group of riders: “I’m looking forward to being on my bike with some sani2c riders, casually riding sections of our route - it was these casual type of rides with friends that inspired us to start sani2c. Experience the PG Bison floating bridge and cross with confidence at KAP sani2c. “The weekend will be a great time for first-timers to settle their nerves about what is in store, see the floating bridge from day 1, and if they have not already started, kickstart their training. We will have a relaxed weekend that a regular rider will also enjoy and we will answer questions that will help them be a whole lot more prepared.” What this weekend will include: A ride to the PG Bison Floating Bridge which will include some switchback riding along the way Skills training Ride up the iconic Sani Pass (which does not form part of the race itself) Evening discussion with Farmer Glen and other special guests Yoga, Core and Mobility Classes with Bianca Haw, youngest daughter of Farmer Glen All meals (6 meals in total) and a sneaky snack table Cash Bar will be available Come along for 2 days of high quality training, tips and hospitality. You can choose to camp on the farm as you would for the event itself, or book a comfortable cottage or luxury tent available on the farm. Choose from luxury tents, comfortable cottages, or camp in a KAP sani2c tent.Farmer Glen says of the inclusion of a ride up the Sani Pass: “The Sani Pass is an iconic part of our country, and I am always amazed at how few South Africans have actually gone up the Pass, so we are including it as part of the weekend.” E-bikers are welcome, as they are to enter the sani2c. Sign up for the training camp here. Join the training camp and finish strong when you reach the sea on day 3 of KAP sani2c. Enter the KAP sani2c here. Follow on social media for news and inspiration, as well as live coverage during the Race:Facebook: sani2c Twitter: _sani2c Instagram: _sani2c
  25. Hi All - anyone with a Sani2C TRAIL entry they wish to share for 2020. You can have it back for 2021. My partner and I wish to take it over.
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