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  1. Explains why I need to inflate mine to minimum 2 bar (for a 70kg rider) to not get that sliding around feeling, with the Maxxis I could comfortably go down to 1.3 bar.
  2. Not sure what's worse, that these guys are still using the same scam or that there's still people falling for this scam.
  3. A bit of hit and miss when it comes to dealing with them. You either get good service, bad service or no service at all.
  4. Thanks ChrisF, will be great if you can check the brand and let me know. Don't want to buy to anything to cheap that will only last a few rides (or falls) but also don't want to break the bank.
  5. Any suggestion on shoes (tekkies) for a 12 year old that just started cycling. He's riding mostly pump tracks, shorter trails and I'm looking to get him a pair of shoes that's a bit more grippier than his current pair.
  6. Is this not what he's doing, ensuring no one else is on the trails before sunrise?
  7. Both bikes you mentioned are good bikes and equally specced. But what you mentioned below is a very important point when choosing between bikes, if the Silverback just feels right go with it. I've bought plenty of bikes based on that 'feel and fit' and never regretted my decisions. PS - mostly ended with buying Scotts
  8. Yes if they do come up for sale they go quickly. But good to know from the feedback received that you have a decent alternative in the Marvel
  9. I'm also looking at the Marvel rack but was also thinking that maybe 2nd hand Thule may also be a option?
  10. If they want to use this outdated operating model that's fine but at least back it up with a decent response time otherwise they are going to be left behind. Expecting a response within 2 - 3 days is not unreasonable imo.
  11. Been waiting for two weeks for query on long fingers Fox gloves, still no response.
  12. Even in the middle of lockdown last year they had the same excellent service
  13. Do some more research, you might have a piece of history on your hands https://community.bikehub.co.za/features/_/news/mtb/international-mtb/esther-suss-aims-for-the-top-at-epic-r1961
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