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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed the Trilogy Challenge. Well thought out route with well positioned waterpoints. Was lucky enough not to get a lot of traffic on Klipheuwel. Definitely something that will grow in the future.
  2. Entered the Trilogy race.
  3. Done it at Geco Cycles Brackenfell. Put an add on Bikehub and Gumtree, direct buyer to view the bike at LBS and they can also answer any additional questions from the buyer. In my case the bike was originally bought and serviced by Geco, so they new the history of the bike. The buyer then contacted me, and we negotiate a price. Once agreed and funds cleared I informed LBS to release the bike. No additional fee to LBS, they bank on the buyer to become a return customer.
  4. To add to the discussion: How do you date a bike that has been upgraded? I have a 2017 Spark 910 but drivetrain is 2022 XT 12spd. Is the frame date the overriding factor?
  5. Try the D'Arcs Vantage, the nose piece is adjustable. https://darcs.co.za/product/darcs-vantage-sport-sunglasses/
  6. Been riding Maxxis with Stans sealant for years and this has never happened to me. But have a friend that had the same bubble issue on the last two sets of Maxxis Forekasters he had, not sure which sealant he's using.
  7. Sounds like I might be better of just buying new device. The battery on my 520 is on its way out (lasts 4-5 hours) and been thinking of sending it to Garmin SA assessment and (hopefully) discount on a newer version.
  8. They do custom lenses as well so can do (almost) anything you want.
  9. Ronde van Riebeek 50 miler, Riebeek Kasteel https://rondevanriebeek.co.za/#
  10. Bontriga, bycle - thanks to the 33% pass rate
  11. The guy is only selling the fork for R3K, noting fishy about that imo. Unless I'm missing something?
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