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  1. I have contacted 3 people now wrt bikes being advertised Send them a DM and then whatsapp Asked for info, and nothing. NOW it would be great if I could leave a comment on their add saying "dont waste your time, this person does not respond / care / or look like they want to sell" These people that advertise but dont want to tell you more about what they are selling One person I asked if the bike is 100 or 120 mm Fork, and he does not know. "bike is at the shop, will have to ask them and get back to you" Admin I am really thinking about not using BH any longer
  2. we are on the same page any RIM can go tubeless, but what you use it for and what tyre you put on it is the issue high pressure and tubeless is not going to be a good combo
  3. why will it not work? I have converted road rims before, but I did not run them at 8bar as the sealand wont seal anything anyway
  4. That is what I said "But tubeless is not for any/all tyres or any/all disciplines" You can convert any rim BUT is it safe / and will it work etc etc is different story Not all
  5. Any rim can be made tubeless. But tubeless is not for any/all tyres or any/all disciplines 😀
  6. OP glad you posted here. Because I can make sure I never sell to you or buy from you. Bikehub and the rating system has worked well for me. Seems you want the @Matt to code the arseholeness out of peoples character
  7. Sorry I did not read properly
  8. This and the Giant are no where near simular even This has a pivot at the rear axel and the new Giant does not
  9. Yes as the U has not opening up and that is where the chain slips off
  10. Here is what I tried to explain
  11. If it does not slip with a new chain, keep it Also looking at that, it does not look worn at all A worn cassette tends to "bunch up" or compress along the front edge I circled two spots on your pic where this might be starting to happen a cassetee does not wear away, the alu just compresses making the front side of the teeth lean
  12. I would if I could Bike is 1000 from me and thought I would ask here in the mean time while waiting for the owner to measure
  13. Not sure if this 100% related to this thread But what BCD 1x chainring will fit this crank
  14. Few times that we agree. 🙂 The way I see it is that I want to sell something I know it worth X if I wait etc reply to many request and send pics etc etc. But I dont need x-amount I need y-amount to buy some other toy. So I just sell it for Y-amount. If the next person now wants to sell it and do what I did not feel like = good on them
  15. How would you that? Will it not only show his best time? Or do you have a method to see who rode a segment at a certain date and time?
  16. No longer available by default. You have to CHOOSE to allow others to see you on FLYBY.
  17. That is a rock ship thing. deflate shock then cycle it. RS require you to then inflate it to I think 50/80 psi and cycle it again 5 x to get both chambers air equal then only pump to your psi
  18. Thank you for posting this Here is my thinking, TBMTBC members should understand that we are riding on a the owners land and if he now wants to change the type of income he gets we should not go and petition against it. We can make a bad name for ourselves with an action like that. In the process make finding more farms to ride on very difficult If I owned a piece of land and see MTB'ers petitioning etc I would think twice before I will let my land be used. Just now I change my mind in 2 years and want to change how the land is used, now I face a huge uphill battle with petitions etc
  19. Is the brake hard now what caused the shinyness in the first place? I bed them in slowly as I read you do not want them to get hot, hot is what causes the shinyness Play it cool. If brake pads overheat when new, it can permanently change the underlying structure of the materials they’re made from – and not for the better. Until the brakes are fully bedded, drivers should avoid the heavy braking that leads to overheating: whether it’s because they’re braking from high speed, towing heavy loads, or driving on steep terrain.
  20. Damn I edited the wrong post Will fix now
  21. Ok I have been doing my best to get to grips with the new look, but unfortunately Admin I can not say I like it It is very busy on a desktop, maybe just me that like things simpler. It seems more like a FB feel now, with people metioning me or reacting to my post etc. Not really a fan of the new look. Not sure if anyone else feels the same edit
  22. There is a good chance you have glased them, and the not bedding them in is not a ship that sails. Take the blocks out, and sand them with some sand paper while checking if they are shinny. Sand till no more shinny left Put back and bed them in again.
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