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  1. I have just bought a dirt jump bike and I'm looking for beginner dirt jumps to ride and get used to the steeper takeoffs. I have heard of places like soetvlei and lakeside but those jumps are to advanced for my level and I'm looking for a place with easy beginner dirt jumps if there is such a place in Cape Town which exists.
  2. Hi all Looking to get a decent new bicycle to take up cycling more often. I previously cycled very rarely, using a Raleigh from Makro. After reading a thread here on how terrible those bikes are, I am seeking advice on a suitable replacement. Currently planning on cycling a few hours daily for most part of the week, probably on a road-path. I've given a few of the websites a look, but I'm overwhelmed with the different types. My main need is something comfortable and durable. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. -Nick
  3. Kage

    Newbie here

    Howsit guys, newbie here. Looking to join you guys and gain some much much much needed advise and tips here and there. So I have decided I spend way too much time on my PC gaming and that I should take up and outdoor hobby and MTB is that hobby. I have almost no knowledge however on the topic/hobby, I used to ride those "Makro special" bikes casually with some friends but that is about it.... never have I gone offroad, nevermind trails. Just some reading on the stickies here has convinced me to stay clear of those "Makro specials". I am now looking for something decent and affordable. I am however in no rush since I am still recovering from a dislocated elbow joint. H However I came across a few ads in my budget (R3k-R4k, I know its tiny however I am willing to upgrade in 8 months should I still be hooked). As I mentioned, I have basically 0 knowledge so I dont know what I should be looking out for besides: -disk brakes as opposed to rim brakes -good branded derailer and shifters Anything else? The ads I have come across for about R3k: Mongoose tyax - http://www.mongoose.com/usa/tyax-comp-20675https://www.olx.co.za/item/titan-249r-iid-1059276436#notificationpermission Would these be okay for atleast 8 months or so or should I rather keep searching since I will not be riding for atleast another month anyway
  4. Let me start by saying that personally. I would never make peace with the cost that comes with riding a bicycle. Whether you’re buying a bike, parts, protection or apparel. Everything just seems absurdly overpriced. I’ve resorted to scouring the classifieds regularly. Keeping an eye out for retailer sales and doing basic bicycle maintenance myself to save a few bucks. It’s worth mentioning though. That my sights are focussed squarely on value rather than price. Best bang for my buck as opposed to the cheapest working solution. Because as most of us here know. Goed koop. Is duur koop. But this thread isn’t aimed at most of us. It’s for those who are keen on getting their first bike. People who are interested in cycling. But struggle to wrap their head around forking out that much cash on a bicycle. Off the bat. This isn’t about trying to establish what it is the next person can afford. But rather trying to tackle the headspace potential buyers are in when buying that first bike. Here’s a short story. Let’s see who here can relate. Some of your friends are into mountain biking. You know nothing about it. It looks fun. It sounds like fun. You could lose a few pounds. So you reckon you’ll give it a go. You decide right away that you won’t spend more than ‘x amount’ on your first bike. I mean. Anything more than that is just ridiculous. I mean. These guys that spend so much more are probably more of an enthusiast than I’ll ever be right? Or maybe they just rolling in it. So you get your first sled. A budget banger and you’re quite chuffed that you got something for such a good price. You have your first ride. Then your second, then your third and before you know it. The bug has bitten. You’re addicted. You’ve also acquired a bit of a palate since riding. If only the fork was a little plusher. Or you had a little more grip in corners. You start looking at upgrade options… and suddenly your initial budget has expanded somewhat. You start to realize that perhaps there’s something to paying a little more for something better. So you get the fork. Upped the travel from the old 100mm Suntour xct to a 120mm Rockshox Reba. Nice. It was more than what you wanted to pay but your buddies said it was a good deal and it would be worth the upgrade. Then you did your tubeless. Jeez that was a small fortune wasn’t it. Get a grippier front tyre they said. Also worth it. Then the initial stoke of new parts has you happy as a hornet buzzing down the trails. But you’re still progressing. Skills are starting to develop. You’re a little fitter. A little sharper. A little faster. And you’re getting better at this. You’re loving this mtb ****. Before you know it. As reluctant as you are to admit it. The frame is letting you down. It can’t keep up anymore. It’s not as slack as you wished it were. In the end you either stubbornly upgrade a frame that simply isn’t worth the trouble. Or you sell your starter bike for chips and set your eyes on something better. Something more suited to you. Something which is going to cost much more than the budget you initially intended. Remember how vehement you were before all this? There was no way you were gonna spend more that whatever? Now ‘whatever’ is suddenly double that. If only you knew then what you know now. It won’t ring true for everyone. The bug doesn’t always bite. But let me offer a little overly generalized advice to try and tackle that head space you’re in. How hard it is for you to come to terms with the cost of this cycling business. The Makro special Just don’t. I know what you’re thinking. It’s just for casual riding once or twice a month. Just so you have something. It’s cheap. Its 650b or 29er sized wheels. Comes with a warranty. You don’t intend hitting the trails regularly. It should be good enough for occasional recreational use right? And if this cycling business isn’t for you, at least you haven’t spent that much money to begin with. NO. DON’T. JUST DON’T. As many before me have pointed out. Those bikes are pretty much almost always simply rubbish. Perhaps buying a better bike to begin with. Something which could offer a better quality ride. Would have been the tipping point to getting you addicted. A *** bike will put you off this cycling business very quickly. More importantly though. Since we’re on the topic of the beginner budget brain. If the bug doesn’t bite and you decide to sell the bike anyways. Believe it or not. A 2011 Giant XTC will be easier to sell than a 2017 Totem Saturn. If this riding business isn’t for you. Then you lose less of your initial investment if you have a better bike that's easier to sell. Nobody wants a Makro special. Least of all a used one. Moving on. Accessories You need a helmet. There’s no ifs or buts about this. I rode bmx as a laaitie and most of high school. Got my first mtb in 1998 and I never wore a helmet then so why do I need one now? NO. You need one. They’re expensive and you need to factor that into your budget. You could always buy used but don’t get a makro helmet for pete’s sake. Because after your next haircut it won’t fit anymore. The rest you can think about when your’re actually starting to realize that you might like this riding business after all. Gloves? Hydration? Pedals? You can think about that later. 26 inch wheels No matter what the guy behind the counter at your local bike shop will have you believe. 26 inch wheeled bikes are not inherently inferior to other wheel sizes. There are still some 26 inch bikes that I would personally pay north of 20k for. But that’s besides the point. There is no better wheel size. It’s true that 26 inch wheels have been somewhat phased out. 650b is admittedly the new standard. But I would buy another 26er in a heartbeat if it were the right bike at the right price. I have no concerns regarding future proofing. It’s a little harder to find tyres, hoops, forks, etc. But they’re still pretty much out there. Stans. One of the industry leaders in bicycle wheels released some brand spanking new 26er hoops for 2017. Maxxis have resurrected old 26er classic tyres with new tech. And if push comes to shove a 650b fork on a 26er frame is not the end of the world. 26er stuff are often found in bikeshop bargain bins. The classifieds are still peppered with used 26er parts. Many of them in good nick and at good prices. So you might have to be a little more resourceful but the truth is you really don’t have to worry about it. XT schmeXT Let me let you in on a little trade secret. A bicycles rear derailleur. Is in no way a fair indication of the overall quality of the bike its fitted to. Beginner brains love googling. They’ve learned a little something about drive train part hierarchy. So they see an XT rear derailleur and assume that the bike means business. Sigh. Trust me. Many bike companies are guilty of this. Bikes with shitty wheels and shitty suspension are often fitted with mid to high end drive train components. They’re aimed to sell. Aimed at you. You smart little googler you. Especially entry level bikes. And if we’re talking about mountain biking. You will experience a far better quality ride if you have a bike with good wheels and good suspension (but a shitty drive train) than the other way around. You could always upgrade your drive train. Bit by bit. Its cheaper and easier. Upgrading wheels and suspension though…not so much. There are a few other things I want to touch on but I’m tired of all this typing now. I guess we could always add more tips for the beginner budget brain in the rest of the thread. Stay tuned for my second installment which includes topics like. ‘Carbon is not gold’ and ‘Why do you want a bike anyways?’ Mmh. Maybe I should have started with that.
  5. Hey all, I am a complete beginner looking for a cycle partner weekday mornings. I am cycling in Glen Marais between 5am and 6am. Any other beginner cyclists that would like to join, just to be a little safer on the road.
  6. Hello everyone So yesterday was my first ever ride on a road bike, and on well... a road! Just thought I would share some of my experiences, and hope others could share theirs, and perhaps give me some pointers and tips on how to improve: 1) started my ride at around 6am in and around sunninghill - roads were quiet and good as I am not too keen on vehicles near me. I need to build up confidence 2) I made the mistake of starting my ride on a hill ascent and about 500 metres in, asked myself the question, "why am I doing this?" 3) I am seriously seeking advice on how to keep a road bike in a straight line, without straying and getting knocked by a taxi flying past me! 4) Having ridden a mountain bike back when I was a kid, I have come to realise yesterday that a road bike accelerates so so so much faster, and well, realised that it is harder to brake as the brakes are much sharper 5) I barely managed 5km, and called it a day. Not too sure if that was a terrible first ride or whether it was decent. I felt that I could do much better albeit it for balance, fear of cars, general fitness. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated
  7. Hi everyone, I am looking for a bit of help. I am looking at getting into this sport and have been for while, so it is only inevitable until I start. The point of this post is regarding actually going for a ride. Now I have searched this section, however, nothing came up to exactly what I am looking for. See below a couple questions I have: I have 'ridden' a mtb before, but some years ago when I was a kid. Riding mtb on a trail I suspect is very different. What are the very first techniques/positioning/skills one should pay attention to honing when out on a trail? Trail markings - how easy is the 'easy route'? is it for the wife and kids, and one gets very bored quickly there? or is it the perfect route to get started? Certain skillsets (hopping etc.) are needed. Best way to learn these? I am relatively fit (swimming 1k to 2k in a training session and play a bit of sports on the weekend), however, I am sure mtb fit is a different story. How far should one go on their first venture out? without being to short but not long enough to kill me and make me never want to come back? Also, best way to increase the distance as you go along? Tech that is vital to measure the ride? Is a Garmin computer which costs a couple grand necessary for someone who is new? Or would Strava prove to be a better starting point? I know the majority of these questions are loaded, and would depend on me as a person, so do not focus on that. What I am looking at gaining out of these questions is how YOU did it, as personal experience can be adapted and holds invaluable lessons. Thanks very much
  8. Hi Guys! I entered the 5150 NMB triathlon and recently bought a road bike. I want to ride on weekends (I live in PE but work in Uitenhage so training in the morning is a bit tough). Any beginners/average fitness cyclists out there wanting to join me? I'll probably park at Grass Roof and go from there. I am 23 and a female. Rouxle
  9. Hi All, Did my intro at the introduction section I'm a complete beginner to cycling and am looking to get a MTB to start off with. I am 1.78m tall and am doing this to get into shape and have some fun on the off road trails. Might possibly just use it also as a road bicycle just to get the fitness in during the week. Budget at the moment is R3000 Any advice on the bike to look at?
  10. Hey guys I wish to purchase a road bike but I am not sure what size to get. I am 1.71m tall, and was told I would need a 52 but need to be sure to avoid any injuries. Please advise, any advice will be appreciated. Thanks
  11. Hi Guys I am a 23 year old girl, a bit overweight so I set a goal of completing my first Olympic style triathlon in November (the 5150). Only been training for a week - swimming in the morning before work and running when I don't have evening class (which is over weekends). Anyway, I need to buy a road bike. I am in no rush as I can train on a mountain bike in the mean time. I'll be going to a recycle sport shop tomorrow and will report back here In the mean time - what do you think about https://www.bikehub.co.za/classifieds/204788-merida-scultura-juliet-904-carbon-small/ I have been on gumtree as well: http://www.gumtree.co.za/a-sports-bicycles-fitness/port-elizabeth/fuji-altair-for-sale/1001757504980910412502409 http://www.gumtree.co.za/a-sports-bicycles-fitness/port-elizabeth/raleigh-tri6000/1001757164740910266163709 http://www.gumtree.co.za/a-sports-bicycles-fitness/port-elizabeth/road-bike-for-sale/1001699564350910444487609 Budget isn't really an issue but I'd prefer going second hand in case it's a one time thing (which I am hoping it's not) Thanks!
  12. I am looking at buying a new road bike to start off with. The guy at the bike shop I visited advised me that in terms of value for money, nothing will beat the Silverback Strela (the 2016 model looks spectacular I must say). Not even Giant or Merida will be as good according to him. Does anyone have experience with this bike and is it worth getting? It come with full Shimano equip, but just an 8-speed. Is this good enough to start off with?
  13. Hello So I've been doing indoor spinning for 5 months now,and I'd like to join the group who goes mountain biking over weekends for the real deal. First I need a proper bike,before going shopping for a bike,I'm trying to figure out what size I should be looking for. I'm 1.61m and my inseam is 72cm. Thanks in advance
  14. We would appreciate and hope you can help us with some advice and feedback on our plans to buy mountain bikes: My brother and I live in Centurion and are seriously considering taking the plunge and getting a couple of mountain bikes, both for fitness and for fun. We are quite similar in that we are both about 40, overweight (about 100kg when we should be about 75kg), about 1,77m tall with an inside seam of about 76cm, so we are probably looking at medium (about 19'') frames, from what we have been able to gather by reading articles. At the beginning we will be mostly on roads, with some pavement and dirt, in order to get fit. Later, when we are more comfortable and confident, we hope to do more and more trails. From some personal narratives we have read, it seems as if the larger wheels (29ers) will therefore suit our purposes more (although we will welcome any expert opinions). We figure we have a total budget of about R10,000 – R12,000 (though we might be able to push it a little bit). Quite a few people have mentioned Silverbacks, specifically recommending the Solas as great beginner bikes, although the cheapest Solas we saw (Sola 4, 2015 model, new) are in the R10,000 - R11,500 range, which is about double our budget. Some of the online shops advertising Solas were Singletrack Cycles, VBike, Redhub Cycling and Cycle Factory. Although we are scared to buy secondhand since we don't know enough about MTBs to make sure we don't get ripped off, there are a couple of Silverback Solas available secondhand: - A Sola 4 advertised secondhand for R7,000 in Kempton Park (frame size unknown, wheel size unknown) https://www.olx.co.za/ad/silverback-sola-4-ID15Qanc.html#3c5be512b9 - And a Sola 3 (medium, 29er) for R8,500 in Nelspruit https://www.olx.co.za/ad/silverback-sola-3-ID15OgSm.html#3c5be512b9 The entry level Silverback 29ers seem much cheaper. A Spectra Sport (2015) is advertised for R4,999.98 at Cycle Lab, R5,500 at Kyalami Cycles and R5,999.99 at VBike (all online prices). Bearing in mind the cost of accessories like helmets (definitely) and probably gloves, eventually shoes, shorts, etc. will all add up, we figure the advantage of buying new is getting a warrantyso won't have to worry too much about things breaking and paying for repairs and replacements, plus building a relationship with a shop that can help with advice, skills and equipment, but buying secondhand we can save a few bucks plus there is always a chance for a few accessories thrown in to sweeten the deal (although maybe a store would be willing to do the same, since we are buying two bicycles, which seems a pretty good deal for the shop). We would appreciate any advice and recommendations you might have. We are not set on anything as we are complete novices when it comes to MTBs, and plan to go to a few shops in Centurion and maybe Pretoria this Saturday in person to look at bikes and talk to the experts. We understand that the risks are that we buy beginner level bikes and then get hooked and want to upgrade, but our budgets simply won’t stretch that far yet, so we hope to buy decent bikes now that will allow us to upgrade later, as it will be a long, long time before we even consider competitive riding, if ever. So any thoughts on specific bikes, shops, prices, new or secondhand, equipment, accessories or anything else we are not considering or you think we are wrong about – please help and drop a comment!
  15. Hi All I am a newbie cyclist and looking to purchase this Merida Road race series road bike from a friend. He said I should make him an offer. Being a newbie, I have no idea what this sort of bike would go for second hand. He bought it for R12 000 a few years back, road it (literally) once or twice and did a 94.7 cycle challenge, however it is obviously a few years old. So I have heard conflicting amounts from R2000-R5000... Please could someone assist me by advising on how much it would be worth and how much I should be offering him for it? I obviously dont want to rip him off or be paying too much for something I could get for cheaper elsewhere... Photos attached... Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks team!
  16. Gooday All, I am still looking at getting a mountain bike for this year. My budget is still very limited and capped at 5k. I cannot extend it at all. There is no use in looking in the classifieds as I need an XL frame and they are rarer then hens teeth, so no luck there. I will be using the bike for weight loss and exercise, going on very basic trails around BRB and the like. (think more 'around the block jog' than '100m extreme dash') I found the best value for money bike for this use would be the Axis A70 for R4.5k brand new (2016 model). The fact that they are controlled and owned by Scott bikes I would think that it is a very capable and better quality budget bike. My biggest surprise is that in this price range, you generally find mechanical disks. This bike has hydraulic disks, and it has a lockout fork! (albeit coil). http://www.axis-bikes.com/bikes/path-and-trail-series/a70 Any thoughts and/or experiences you care to share? Regards.
  17. I bought a mountain bike roughly 2 years ago, and don't think I've done more than 20kms on it since. I was convinced (much to my objection), to go straight into cleats without really learning to ride the thing first. To say I fell a lot is an understatement. I was constantly on the floor, stuck under the bike. This was a huge put-off as a beginner, and I slowly lost interest and became more and more terrified of getting on the bike. I recently decided to sell my bike, but have now decided to give it one more go before I get rid of the thing. Where do I begin?????!!!!! I can't go out onto the road as I'm absolutely terrified I'd just ride into a car or fall under one! (I'm really that bad!) I'm like an awkward toddler learning to ride a bike for the first time, except I'm stuck to the thing! And I don't know anyone else who rides, let alone as complete a beginner as I am! Are there any BeginnerBeginnerLikeReallyBeginner groups that meet anywhere? Or anywhere I can go to just try to learn to stay on the bike? :-D I'm in Northcliff by the way.
  18. Good day! I am a total beginner mountain bike rider, and I was wondering if there is any other beginner MTB ladies who would be interested in riding with me? I also want some advice on routes to do around Pretoria? I am located in Monument Park. Thank you in advance!
  19. Hi bike enthusiasts I need your help. I am new to the sport I am hoping to get some advise on buying a second hand MTBike. I once rode a cruiser bomber bike that was so enjoyable and am looking for a second hand bike that is comfortable for cruising like that and is sturdy enough for offroad, and that will last. What brands should I avoid-where gears creak and get worn out easily...pieces break.. Looking for something around R2500-R3000 second hand . No idea what brands are good quality and comfortable cruising. Kind Regards Jean stay in chartwell fourways...
  20. Hi Guys I hope you guys aren't sick of answering newbie posts by now, I would really appreciate some advice on a few topics. I have recently had a knee operation so all I can do(at a high level of effort) really is cycle at the moment. If the bug bites I'll look at getting a higher quality bike but for the mean time I am looking for an entry level bike((29er) that is new. I know a second hand higher quality bike(26er) is often suggested but as I said if the bug bites I'll upgrade. I'm going to be mainly riding on the wine farms around the Cape so nothing too hectic for now. I am looking at the following bikes: "Titan Ryde 29er 2016" or "Titan Cruz 29er 2015" or "Merida Big 9 20D" My price range is between R4000 to R6000. a few questions: 1) Any other suggestions of new bikes in that price range? 2) I am just over 100kg so would these bikes be alright? 3) Best/Most resonable bike shops in the Cape? 4) I'm 1.79m, what size frame would i need? Thanks guys really appreciate the help
  21. Hi Guys Does anyone have or know where to find info on the new Titan Ryde 2016? Can't seem to find info on it, Not even on Titan's website. I'm looking to buy it as a starter bike just for fun riding nothing serious. I don't want a second hand bike, i'm just getting it for a little bit of leisure cycling. Thanks Regards
  22. Myself and a friend ride in the Cradle 3 times a week. Leaving from Something Country on wednesday and friday afternoons at 3pm. And sunday mornings at 8am. If anyone would like to join they are welcome.
  23. Hi all I'm newbie & need some help please. I don't know a thing a bout mountain bikes but I want to get myself an entry level bike around about R5000.There are so many makes & I know that components is what one should look at , but I also don't know much about that.Could you please suggest any good quality entry level bikes? And what components name brands do I need to look for?I've heard the Silverback is made by a local company & apparently there's a certain amount of debate regarding their quality vs other more well known, but then again I've also heard the Silverback get one better components for a lower priced bike to it's competition. Seen so far the Slade 4 & Stride 20 ... think Slade is the better one? I'm sure a hard back will be fine as is cheaper too, but with decent front shocks that can lock when on road I guess ... and are brakes important for a beginner?I'm not planning on doing any racing, it's more just for being active, so a bit on hard road and a bit of dust road now and then. I'd really appreciate your advice.TIA
  24. Hi All I am looking for an entry level bike and have been looking at a Merida Big Seven (Cable Disc) vs a TFS 100 Matts (Hydraulic brakes) Which would you recommend i begin with? Thank you for your help Regards Gabby
  25. Advice needed: I'm a noob just getting into the world of MTB, and busy kitting up. Was looking around for a cheapie Bike Computer just to keep track of my rides (Speed, Distance, etc.), nothing fancy for now until I get the hang of this. Came across the FLUID 10 Function Bicycle Computer selling at Makro (Yes, that dreaded shop), for R169. You guys think it's any good, and will it serve my purposes till I need to splash out on the Garmin's etc.? http://www.makro.co.za/sports-and-outdoor/fluid-10-function-bicycle-computer-278977EA Thanks guys!
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