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  1. Some gladiators were indeed vegetarian, because they mostly consumed barley, beans and fish. But they also took calcium supplements, as their diet lacked it.
  2. Simple - if it's too expensive, don't do it. But expecting others to justify what and how they spend their own money... well that smacks of other issues.
  3. Caffelatex. No flats in the past 2 years, but we also don't have broken glass everywhere here.
  4. I really need to stop reading your posts!! I need one of these in my life lol
  5. Thanks. I have some of those (from Bunnings), I found the gravity toggles also work well. But the drywall in my house is so crumbly, I wouldn't try hang a tv without finding studs to mount it on. I found this out the hard way...
  6. Great idea, I'm going to make one of those! As an aside, what do you use to mount thing to drywall? I have little confidence in hanging anything remotely heavy...
  7. Try it. What's the worst that can happen? I used pratley's steel putty on the ignition cover of a quad bike many years back, and it held up just fine. Just prep the area properly and that stuff bonds like crazy.
  8. Medicine and anything organic (which I would avoid if possible).
  9. Spot on. Look at the different approaches NSW and QLD took, and the outcomes. The only way to contain the Delta variant for now is a hard, fast lockdown.
  10. You're not helping my case either. I used my inherited 1950's Miller Falls router last week for some cut outs on a knife block I'm busy with, and decided a need a dust extraction solution. My workshop is an addition room at the end of my garage, so 2.5 x 8m, totally enclosed. I think I may look for something small like you've got but install it into the workshop area.
  11. I've been in home quarantine for the past 10 days. Chisels and planes are all sharpened to perfection, and I'm set on becoming a dovetail master!
  12. I was looking for a video on plane blade sharpening, and found such a good woodworking channel on YouTube. Not sure if it's been mentioned here before but this guy is brilliant - Matt Estlea https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxWzA3ZlYEOLr1JkKH0ZMyg His website is also a good source of tips and tricks https://mattestlea.com/
  13. Spot on! Bicycles, camping gear, gardening equipment, and fishing gear all trigger an inspection (which comes with an additional fee, surprise surprise...). I bought my lawnmower, leaf blower, bbq, etc. etc. All of which I've replaced. When I think of the time I spent cleaning those prior to packing, and the cost to move here (only to be replaced), it makes me want to cry.
  14. I'll give you a lengthy reply later (or feel free to PM me), but this is my take having done this 2.5 years ago. I took everything (except white goods), and on the one hand it's nice to have the creature comforts of home to help settle you in, but it creates an admin burden when you have 116 boxes to sort and unpack and store, all while you live in limbo between renting and buying. In 2.5 years I've tossed or replaced about 75% of what I paid R100k to bring here... If I did it again I'd take personal effects, sentimental items, a few worthwhile kitchen items, bicycles and parts, tools and lots of hardware, and fishing gear. Use it as a fresh start to get new furniture, beds, linen, TV, fridge etc. and it will simplify the process a lot. It's so hard having to tell kids to give their things away or sell them, but they are resilient and adapt in no time. Once you add in the ~R3500+ per sqm it costs to get things over here, you can start to look at some nice options on this side to replace - try make it a fun process for them. Anyway, my 2c worth...
  15. Yes it is, and these days almost no-one agrees to ship the wheels separately so you only pay the 15%.
  16. I've done it on 2 Spez saddles. Once you get the knack of it it's not difficult. Stand the saddle in the sun, with the underside facing the sun for an hour or 2 (makes the shell more malleable). Grab the largest flat screwdriver you can find. Then kind of jam the screwdriver between the end of the rail and the socket, and gently push and coax the rail down the face of the screwdriver until it lines up with the socket. As you ease the screwdriver out the rail will pop into the socket. It may take a few attempts until you get it right. Also helps if you can secure the narrow part of the shell of the seat (not the rails) to a board or plank. As a side note, every time I've seen rails pop is when a bike has been standing in the sun for a while. Seems to make the shells go too soft. Might just be a coincidence though...
  17. Or the merry band of thugs who looted Makro stores will...
  18. You get Wels Catfish in most river systems in Spain. They get massive! Fishing that lake must be incredible.
  19. Had the same issue in a previous house when I fitted them. Hair dryer to soften, then add some weight while it cools down. May take a few tries.
  20. A question for the woodworkers: Where and how do you store your tools? I have a large collection of saws, planes, hammers, clamps, chisels, squares, etc. that I inherited from my grandfather. I want to build a usable storage solution in my workshop to keep them in. Any ideas?
  21. I actually have pretty long legs and long arms. My last bike (Pyga) was an XL and that fitted me fine, but from chatting with a few Primer owners in the US I decided that I was a borderline L/XL. I way prefer a more compact fit for the type of riding I do, but the L fits me perfectly.
  22. Very impressive and the value of your home must be improving massively. My only critique is to please take a hair dryer to those pendant cables to straighten them (I'm pedantic like that 😁)
  23. Wow! You are doing some pretty serious work to your house. Did you figure out the plastering, electrical, etc. as you went along, or did you have someone teach you?
  24. Odd, I'm 1.9m and ride a L and fit just fine on it. Intense Primer SL
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