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  1. And then there are ACDs...this dog is jakkals clever. I really enjoy Rocket. He can go on a 5 hour mountain hike/run or a 90min mtb ride, but has an off-switch.
  2. Landy, good to hear about only 2 months to go on maintenance payments! I made payment 17 of 18 on rehabilitative maintenance this morning 🙂. Thanks for starting this thread way back. The advice given on here helped me so much in working through the whole ordeal. I'm happier now than I've been in a looooooong time. I don't think it will be a good idea to apply set-off against her maintenance unless she agreed in writing. The fines were incurred by the kids and it remains their responsibility, not your ex's. (Maybe one of the legal guys on here can confirm or tell me I'm talking utter rubbish) In the bigger scheme, if I were you, I'd settle the fines and get the car off my name (and onto the ex's) ASAP.
  3. Cotic Flare Max @ +-R38k to R42k will be hard to beat... Cotic only has smalls in stock. Check out Marino bikes for very affordable custom built frames. Production Privee, Pipedream, etc. Steel is real
  4. Harryn should know better than me. But delving in my limited Law of Things archive from 1996 (i.e. my whiskey infused memory), prescription on property rights occurs after 30 years. This is from Roman Law. My best guess is that the court will apply those principles.
  5. Rocket, my 9 month old Australian Cattle Dog, needs plenty of exercise. I initially took him on runs, but he didn't get the mileage he needs. Therefore we go for rides. Rocket on a lead turns my bike into an e-bike for the first kilometer. He sticks with me and, for a youngster, is very well behaved. We only ride at quieter times. Up to last week, I could still drop him down G-Spot. This morning I had him at my heels and had to let to let it all hang out to stay ahead.
  6. I had a long chat with Ben about the shock. He feels that the CC goes well with with the frame. I wanted to pair it with a Helm, but CC may only have forks available in September. And I like the look of the DB air IL ????‍♂️ I contacted Forbidden and they don't ship to SA. Also no stock. I'm waiting as is and not too keen on sukkelling to ship. I also want a bike that is leaning a bit more towards Enduro than trail, but is still a trail bike. I seriously considered getting a Microshift Advent X drive train. Just to stick it to the man. But couldn't find stock.
  7. After almost 2 years of going back and forth on with what to replace my trusty Santa Cruz 5010, I finally left holy ground and pulled the trigger on a Deviate Highlander frame. A FREAKIN' 29er... I'm getting the black edition with 150mm rear travel. The aim is a more trail orientated bike, rather than full enduro, ie. no Zeb or 38 or piggy back shock. I haven't 100% decided on the build, but it will most probably be: RS Lyrik Ultimate 160mm; CaneCreek DB Air IL DT rims laced to Hope hubs Hope X2 brakes from my current bike SLX 12x group set (this is a big change for me: I haven't ridden Shitmano since before 2004) Bike Yoke Revive dropper. It's been great to deal with Ben from Deviate. I wish the SA distributors of bikes I was looking at, were this keen on doing business. Now for the long wait until July...
  8. My brother had a few projects on the go to which he fixed to a point and sold on to fund his vw splitscreen bus. One was a series 1 he bought from a friend. That was just the chassis and body that was used as a chickencoup. I picked up the following from him: Get an old car you really like, they're equally expensive to fix Something unique may have better investment value You need to find a machanic that is willing to work on the vehicle AND be hands on. They all tend to have issues at some point. Patience Good luck. I'd look for a series 1, 2 or cj2a jeep (mj would be better), even an Austin Champ for something different.
  9. I've been lurking on here. Doing well, thanks! The top section is lekker, but getting up the steep bit is too much for me. Edit: BTW, my avatar pic was taken on that section of trail
  10. Eddy, that gate has nearly always been open, except when the University still had cattle up there. It was part of my commute home for the last 7 years. The rocky section you refer to, is 15 min a hike-a-bike slog up, but awesome down (my route to the office).
  11. My boet's project - a 23 window samba replica with sunroof - will hopefully be drivable in December. His will have aircon, 2 liter air cooled engine with upgraded suspension and disc brakes. Anything worth doing is worth over doing... @Hairy: That (Chestnut brown/sealing wax red) was one of the 1952 original colour combinations. The others were light beige/brownish beige, dove blue, ivory (ambulance), grey (ambulance) and silver grey.
  12. Nie net die eerste nie, maar ook die grootste. Pretoria: Die grootste Afrikaanse stad in die Suidelike halfrond (per Johannes Kerkorrel)
  13. I would replace my 2015 Santa Cruz 5010 with a Tranny Scout or Sentinal. Maybe give the whole 29er thing a try?
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