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  1. Yeh I like it as well - it's a tune that gets played on ECR quite a bit 👍
  2. News from the other day, but I would say fitting for this thread: https://businesstech.co.za/news/media/503651/one-of-south-africas-most-recognisable-businesses-risks-going-under-because-of-lockdown/
  3. So what have you dudes and dudettes been jamming lately? I decided to start afresh with BoTW, been jamming a bit of NFS and Street Fighter 2 on the Switch as well. Had a little BF4 catch up, as well as a bit of a SC2 catch up on PC, and I'm still wondering if I should one day get a PS4 or Xbox One S .
  4. Eish the title of this thread makes me want a craft beer now, but, I'm at the office and I don't drink and drive [emoji6] There's a few I've tried, but my favourites being Jack Black and Birra Flea. If I don't dop a craft on occasion, then it's a Castle Lite or two, or three. Ja I know not too many okes are fans of light beers, but I have to watch my 'unique physique.'
  5. I like some of their tunes, as well as a few tunes from Nightwish.
  6. Birra Flea Blonde Ale? I think that's the name of it. Had one a little while ago and my Mrs said that's the only blonde I can have a fling with. Lekker beer.
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