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  1. I'm tech challenged but this is where the discussion is taking place. The Classics thread.
  2. Says Fleetwood Mac from the album Rumours.
  3. Blokman

    The Munga 2023

    Nice one Gemmers for a good cause. Just a word of caution. When riding in SPCA kit just stay far away from the cut off points
  4. All right. Two young girls in their early twenties arrive in a small SUV with two bikes on a rack. It's their first race and just from sitting in the traffic they are totally out of their comfort zone. Enter five louts with dirty security bibs. Your turn . How do they handle this?
  5. Worth taking a drive around Grootbrak, Kleinbrak, Tergniet and Reebok
  6. Enjoy Dale. The original California Boys 60 years ago.
  7. A bit off topic. This is vid of a new bike storage across from Leiden Centraal station. It holds 5000 bicycles. There are another two older ones that hold probably another 5000 bikes. 20230708_133802.mp4
  8. Japie , I have gone through this thread post by post. It's a slow day at work. The replies you got were dead standard for the type of thread you created. I am still trying to see where you were so badly humiliated or bullied. You give your thread a very controversial title. The Monster DID NOT DELIVER, on a day when guys are going to the office thinking, "Well I knocked that bastard off". And when you choose to mention that you did Sani as well. What were you expecting? Of course people who like this type of event will start to compare and defend . A few posters showed sympathy after YOU told them you were bullied , beaten and insulted. But I don't think you were. Sorry, I have to add , 3 times on a 26 hardtail. Edit: I see you mention insults about language. Here I would agree with you. Weer ├▒ edit: Na aanleiding van Robbie se post. Dinge hol nou en dan weg. Ek dink nie jy of iemand het slegte bedoelings nie. Nou en dan kom goed anders oor as wat 'n ou bedoel. Gaan jou goed.
  9. A year ago I paid 40k for a 2019 dual sus in absolute mint condition. This after browsing the classifieds daily. I thought it was a little high , but it was the right bike at the right time. The exact same model was advertised here a week ago for 27 k. I looked at bikes daily for over a year and in the range 25 to 45 k I think the prices have come down.
  10. Luddites. Eventually too many people start subverting the model , and they have to change it. But this will not be in time to solve your problem.
  11. I thought it was only my poor skills. I can't seem to come right with results . That also worked much better last year. I now wait for "It was another tough day but we did it" on Strava.
  12. The same problem is in the back of my head all the time. The thing is if you're on a bike you can have a bad fall at very low speed and on a good road. I've been on a MTB for 11 years. Aug 2021 I fell on a trail, a level piece at 5 km/ h 'testing' my front brake after a service. The handle bar popped two ribs. Fast forward one year. Same trails I'm following some guys on new red section, against my better judgement. Rocky , one hop too many, three ribs gone . I was 64 then . I will not stop riding but I am trying to be more aware and avoid really tech stuff. A skills course may also be on the cards.
  13. Sorted . No cycling inside . Seems Dinokeng is a generic term for the surrounds as well. We're outside . Thanks Theunis.
  14. Thanks for the reply. I phoned the campsite . I've taken note. I'm seeing someone today who has camped there before. Will see what he says. If I can't that's it.
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