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  1. Correct. I had the issue on my carbon HT. Took about two bike shops long to source the problem and a tube of epoxy to sort out
  2. Honkdonk


    I've spent most of my professional life behind a sound board or very close by enormous amounts of speakers and screaming audiences. There was also a short stint where I sat behind a drum kit and beat the crap out of it wedged in between large guitar and bass amplifiers. None of which have done my hearing any favors. After a long day on the job (when we used to actually do live shows) I would get home and lie in bed to the ring of 4000khz and up.. Its not really gone away.. I have done some tests and I know I have dip at 4k and also 800hz. Which is right in the range at which the human voice sits. The damage is now done. You get used to it. But the people close to you don't when they turn their back and talk, or mutter from another room or complain that the TV is too loud..
  3. I use the paraffin method. But first - carck open a cold Heineken 0, then get stuck in. Remove wheel, and cassette Pop open the QL on the chain and place in empty ice cream container and fill with paraffin. Scrub with toothbush. Crack open another Heineken 0 Same treatment with cassette Use old rag with paraffin for jockey wheels Dry with rag and leave for a few mins while enjoying another Heineken 0 Use toothbrush and rag for front chainring, and if you are feeling really adventurous, remove crank and go the full monty. Crack open another Heineken 0 Then put it all back together Hint - I have a large paperclip modified to hold chain as a third hand so its easier to put QL back to rejoin chain. My chain is non directional so less attention required if the Heineken 0's are replaced with Black Labels. Once all is assembled then lube - I use Smoove Otherwise a wipe with a rag and lube after every ride, but a good strip down is recommended once in a while - mileage dependent I can spend hours on the bike stripping and cleaning. Nothing like a sparkling clean machine only for it to get filthy dirty again an hour or so into the next ride I do the same for the road bike but obviously the frequency is a lot less..
  4. I have a very difficult complicated situation that I need help with. I cant post details here as it is very sensitive Any legal eagles here that can offer some pro bono advice. Please DM me
  5. I have a Giant XTC and I love it. Climbs like a mountain goat and is a good solid descender and a rock solid ride. Its getting on a bit, but when the time comes I'll stick to a carbon HT all the way!
  6. True story, and I'm footing half the bill for it as well.
  7. Thanks CFM. My ex will hit the roof if I do that, but I only think it is fair, and I need to, so that the therapist understands my side of the situation.
  8. Advice needed please My ex and the kids are in NZ and my youngest is going to therapy for a matter that does concern me. The ex wont allow me to contribute or give input towards the background etc. Am I allowed to contact the therapist to give my view so that they are able to obtain a fully objective opinion and dish out therapy as required accordingly?
  9. Yis. I had a lekker run this morning, but hell it was busy out there in my hood of Bryanston. Felt like I walked into a mash up of 947, Park run and Walk the Talk. Dogs, prams, bikes, runners, walkers and all with smiles. I did a good 1hr30 run and felt awesome doing it, although it did take me a few km's to get going. I'm a fair weather mid day type, so early starts in the cold don't really float my boat. But I'll take a few hours on the open road with absolute pleasure. Best news was getting back home and hearing that there were some frosties going from a colleague, so quick shower and a drive to get the contraband..
  10. Was waiting for this to crop up in light of the current situation.. I've lost every single bit of work for the foreseeable future as a result of this Corona pandemic and its not like I had a stash of cash saved for a rainy day. At least I don't owe on a car, bond, overdraft, loan etc, but not having any form of income until who knows is a cause for concern. I'm a self employed subcontractor and its a very scary position to be in to put in mildly.. My kids live in New Zealand and I pay maintenance into her SA account, (but that's about to change) and the split cost amount in Kiwi$'s into her NZ bank account. She has offered for me to forfeit my maintenance payments for 3 months in lieu of the plane ticket she covers to get me over to NZ once a year to visit the kids as per our settlement agreement. Like the banks here - any payment holiday comes at a price. Once again there are no winners in a divorce, especially when the great virus of 2020 has struck
  11. Surely we are able to go for a run? A lone 10/15k.. I'm gonna go mad otherwise.. Otherwise I'm gonna pretend I'm going to shop to buy bread and milk..
  12. I avoided dating like the plague, but then I never really was like that. I would just let things fall into place should I meet someone. I had a short fling that ended over a year ago and I have been involved with an amazing woman since July or so last year. She is well younger than me, but is everything my ex was not! It took me near on 3 years before another woman's lips touched mine. Dont rush it. Wounds are deep and the mind takes time to process the thought of being with and sharing another's space.
  13. I work in the event industry. So its concerts, festivals, corporate work, road shows, product launches etc as the a technical production manager. Procuring and facilitating suppliers, scheduling, budgets, communication and logistics. Small industry in SA with even smaller budgets. Small industry in NZ but with better budgets!
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