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  1. A junior cassette with the smallest sprocket a 17 teeth...
  2. I have been at a million Spur races. But I am new to the leg shaving matching kit component weighing social distancing crowd
  3. http://www.bobsbikes.net/gear-ratio-charts.html According to this a 14 year old will end up with a 34 front ring if I intend using the whole cassette.
  4. I am a novice in road racing. I don't even have a road bike. BUT I want to enter my son for the MPU road champs next weekend. I have been looking at the gearing. He is under 14. Meaning that the distance covered in the highest gear with one rotation of the crank must be less than 6.62 meter. With a front chain ring of 36 teeth, a 28c tire and a 25-11 cassette it will be MORE than 6.62m. I do not see any reason to utilize more than one front chain ring with those rules. The maximum gearing then being in the same ball park as a MTB with a 32 front chain ring. Setting the limit screws on the RD to comply means that you won't be able to go smaller than on the cassette. How strict are these rules enforced? By the way: MTB.s and cyclocross are not affected by these rules. Does that mean that he can do a road race on a CX bike with a 40 ring front and a 42-11 cassette?
  5. I suggest you take the bike you have. But if it has 25c tires...
  6. I did not know Merc made a Kuga AMG?
  7. When men were men. And were allowed to have testosterone. And words like "stay safe" were not invented.
  8. Goodbadugly


    One of my friend bought his wife a Victoria pink Glock like this one. It does come in at a higher price point though
  9. Goodbadugly


    I would rather buy a second hand snubby than a unknown brand of pistol. And they go for a song. And they are very reliable. https://www.gunafrica.co.za/classifieds/revolvers/revolvers-revolvers/revolvers-revolvers-rossi-stainless-steel-r-2-500-00-rossi-27-38-special-used-south-africa-kwazulu-natal-hillcrest-3107.html
  10. Most Landy owners end up cycling/running/walking home. If they can't hitch a ride.
  11. Goodbadugly


    Grass Muncher or whatever he calls himself is probably baiting. My response is not aimed at him. Here are just a few pointers concerning airguns. 1. It is illegal to discharge a gun in town. With some exceptions. And shooting the neighbor's cat is not one of the exceptions. It is illegal to discharge a pellet gun in town.. Unless it is on a registered shooting range. 2. A 4.5mm airgun with a muzzle velocity of 1250f/s even with a 6 grain pellet produces 20 foot pound energy. In some countries in Europe you need a FAC (firearms certificate) to own a pellet producing more than 16J or 12 fpe. 3. Ruthless killing of what YOU deem pests might be frowned on by others. Don't take the law in your own hands. 4. If you shoot it, eat it. Don't be cruel. 5. Manufacturers of air guns are notorious for overstating the muzzle velocities of their products. Call it marketing. "Results may vary". To obtain the advertised velocities manufacturers usually use the lightest pellet they can find (like the Gamo raptor platinum, less than 5 grains) at sea level. And then add a few f/s for good measures. 6, Airguns are GREAT fun. And cheap to run. 500 top quality pellets like the JSB Exact sells for R220. 20x 308 Win cartridges sells for around R600. 7. In South Africa you do not need a license for an air rifle with a bore of 5.5mm or less.
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