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  1. @MTBeer hey, I wasn't really asking you, I just thought your post was funny and responded to it with a screenshot of my inbox. So who's going? What are your thoughts?
  2. 🤣 My friend just reminded me that we have entries to this event. Who's going? What are your thoughts? Tell me things!
  3. I was insinuating that it was a poorly written article... and on re-reading it, that was probably a bit harsh. The advice provided in the article was generic and ignores the possibility that the manufacturer is untrustworthy, incompetent or negligent. The article title implies it's an ebike-specific issue, but the article itself indicates the problem applies to other vehicles. LiPo-battery fires are a poor quality LiPo-battery problem, not an ebike problem, just ask Samsung and model aircraft hobbyists. But sure, insinuating it was poor journalism was probably too harsh. There are certainly far worse news sources out there.
  4. Summed up succinctly by @DieselnDust. An "ebike" can take many many different forms; from something well designed with good safeguards to something that should be charged in a concrete bunker. It's like anything in life. Many cars have accidents, some are predisposed to accidents because they're ill maintained or of a poor design. A good quality battery and charger regulates charging current and voltage and keeps a tab on temperature. "Journalism"
  5. Email sent. I've been using a radar for a while now and it's very reassuring on the roads. My main cycling friend has been reluctant to get one but seems to be considering it after a recent near miss. My Varia rarely (if ever in fact) reports false positives. My only gripe is that the battery life is a bit short.
  6. Looks like fun... /me sends link to ebike buddy. Also you know they're serious because they have a .com
  7. My worst experiences so far have been with SUVs hah *Edit: but everyone around here has an SUV (except me ;)) so it may just be the people in this area.
  8. Drivers are crazy. I almost exclusively ride MTB, but transit to the trails from my house across some roads. Even so I've had close calls where people have ploughed through stop streets and cut corners at stop streets. I'm super scared of cars. One guy came up next to my friend recently, got really close and then started hooting and going mental, hands waving, car swerving - we weren't even on the road (gravel shoulder next to it). I think the driver wanted to scare us off our bikes. And if it isn't cars it's the squirrels! I cycled over one this morning. How is that even possible?! But anyway, glad you're alright OP
  9. I thought the profile pic was a joke initially but nope, it's for real. I guess if you've got it, flaunt it lol
  10. I will buy two permits, but separately please consider accepting Snapscan as an alternative to Zapper. A friend and I tried to ride the trails recently and Zapper wouldn't allow either of us to register. If you look on the Play Store this and the inability to receive OTPs are major complaints against Zapper. It's a blergh app. Also, Snapscan QR codes can be used within at least FNB and Capitec banking apps - so now I don't even need to have the Snapscan app installed to pay vendors.
  11. Loved the "smooth brain hubbers consider this business savvy" 💋 My worst cycling related purchase to date was also my first and it was from a dealership, nice. In short I overpaid for a dodgy used bike. I was more discerning on the next bike purchase, which I still have - it's about to get a fork upgrade - bought today off the Hub WOOOO such excite. The seller was friendly and negotiable on price. I've done probably 30 deals to date on the Hub (I'd guess) and all of them have been decent, however I did recently have an experience where someone listed a gravel bike for sale for a good price. We agreed to meet up to do the deal and about an hour or so before the agreed time the seller messaged to say he had changed his mind and was going to keep the bike. The price was good so part of me didn't believe the deal would happen. I replied "no worries, good luck" and left it at that. Hadn't thought about it much until I saw this thread. Separately, good question @robbybzgo (revenge ratings)
  12. The lesson being that the internet is dangerous?
  13. If someone buys something and then sells it on for a profit, they've profited for a reason. For one, identifying the arbitrage opportunity (profit potential) takes knowledge (and knowledge isn't cheap, takes time, experience and research) If the seller makes a bad call they could make a loss (so there's risk). The reseller also has to put cash into the transactions to make it work and cash has a time value associated with it. The reseller may market the item better than the person they bought it from or may be prepared to wait longer for a buyer. It's all really quite reasonable. I sold a bike a while back knowing that the guy who was buying it from me was going to try and sell it for a profit - no worries, his risk, my convenience. We all makes mistakes selling stuff, it's how you learn. *Everything above assumes there isn't something illegal or highly unethical going on - illegality and ethics also have a price
  14. ah okay, that's interesting, best of luck, would be interested to hear if you find anything
  15. Edit: nevermind, it appears SVT can be triggered by vigorous exercise. I'm curious: SVT appears to normally not be associated with or caused by exercise - in fact it seems to be the other way around; SVT, when not inherited, is associated with the _classic_ "bad" stuff, like smoking, drinking, drugs and stress. Why do you suspect your cycling, if I may ask?
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