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  1. In a ideal situation sell your current trainer and both cheap trainer bikes and get a Kickr Bike. My whole family gets to use it with 3 easy adjustments done in 10 seconds.
  2. If anyone is in the market I have 2 machines for sale in boxes. Breville Barista Touch ( as new used for 4 months ) R14500 Nespresso Creatista Plus ( in box used for 6 months ) R4500
  3. If I may ask where did you manage to find a Oracle ?
  4. Well firstly I personally think it comes down to riding skill. Nino will ride courses with his 100mm xc bike which I would not even attempt with my trail bike. I have had mine for 6 months. Loving it every day. My son also has one. We will not change for anything else. If the brain bothers you open it up all the way. For me it is the perfect bike for Sani etc. Unfortunately there is no enduro bike that weighs and pedals like a Evo.
  5. Evo without a doubt. Also has a far better secondhand resale value. It is the Hilux of the cycling world ????????
  6. I bought the S25 for R15500 a day before lockdown. Not a single issue. Works great with the ifit app which is video based running and the treadmill adjusts elevation as the runner ascends. Also has a 10 year warranty.
  7. Give TriBecca a try at Lynwood bridge. Awesome decaf and I think they do them in pods now as well
  8. Also if you buy it new the rear brain shock comes with a free 2 year service plan included.
  9. Totally agree. 2 to 3 weeks ago people would pay ridiculous prices to get one out of desperation. Now that ship has sailed unfortunately.
  10. https://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/wahoo-kickr-headwind R3000 pretty please
  11. This was the final decision. 2.3 DHF Front 2.3 Agressor Rear Super happy
  12. Sorry typo. Meant Ardent front and Ikon rear ????
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