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  1. Hey people, Just checking since last question was asked in June 2020. Does Chain Reaction still use Skynet to deliver in South Africa? There was a time that they used the SA post office which is no longer suitable. Thanks.
  2. Thank goodness no more comments are allowed on the ads. Thank goodness no more “if it only was my size I would buy it”
  3. Interesting, I see race time for 1B and 1C is faster than 1A.....
  4. Theres a guy in Cape Town that will VPS your frame. Clear protective film. Herman tel: 072765 3008
  5. Car should have slowed down behind you, let the oncoming car through and then pass you safely.
  6. How is the injured cyclist doing? Hope he is ok.
  7. Sounds like an awesome race. Wish I could do it.
  8. I've been pondering on whether I should sell my mtb as I'm more of a roadie. Your post made up my mind for me. Thank you. I'm selling.
  9. I think the c64's that came out in 2017 (first edition) with the classic font will be worth quite a lot in the future.
  10. I ride this race a while back and it was a great race. I got dropped on a climb and the marshall in the car did not allow me to ride with the group coming from behind.
  11. Agree. Over and above this comment is the fact that they changed the font on the new groupset that does not match the Bora wheels font and the brakes aren’t even labeled SR anymore on the SR level. Weird. Look at pictures of a bike with the 12 speed gruppo and Bora wheels to see what I mean. Does not like look right. That hole in the centre of the crankset is also missed. So after spending day 75K on a mech groupset with wheels your bike looks like a version from different-year model parts!
  12. Colnago changed the font on their logo to a more "modern look". Does not make sense to do it now. They should have done it a year ago with the introduction of the C64, Concept and V2-R.
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