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  1. Ja can’t complain. Took a while to finetune all the settings but now its working great. Uses a lot of water though, constantly cleaning itself when it shuts down but thats ok i guess. Got these nice double walled glasses to provide some visual appeal when enjoying my latte/cappucino/flat white. Oh and im going through beans at a rate of knotts…
  2. Check how much cricket India have been playing and compare that to SA… I don’t have to wonder 😉
  3. Chris Morris… i dont know what CSA have against him. ABD, that topic is exhausted, if he wanted to play for SA he would never have stopped playing for us. Of the guys available, that squad looks ok’ish. But I dont expect much from them if im honest.
  4. Thats a half decent squad. I see Andile P was left out, so was Janneman.
  5. touche, I think you have me on one or two points, specifically with regards to the bowling (I might have been referencing club stats from when I was still playing league cricket, I remember Ryan Ten Doeschate scoring 1200 runs and taking close to 100 wickets in a season and not making the provincial side, nevertheless my point of reference was incorrect - my best season I only managed 60 odd so no wonder why I am a nobody) scoring a 1000 runs however is not so uncommon. Neil Mack scored 1300 runs in a season without getting a chance in the Protea side. Finally found a website to give runs per season ( I still dont know how to fine tune ESPNCricinfo's stats feature). https://stats.acscricket.com/Records/First_Class/Overall/Batting/Most_Runs_in_Season_in_South_Africa.html https://stats.acscricket.com/Records/First_Class/Overall/Bowling/Most_Wickets_in_Season_in_South_Africa.html
  6. we keep hearing the same thing: we need to work on our mental approach bla bla bla... this is what happens when you have a k_k domestic structure where the guys aren't being tested and you reward mediocrity. in the days of Currie Cup cricket, of the 6 provincial sides playing cricket back then, ALL of those players were of international quality. heck they had to make a 7th team in the Impalas just to give more guys a chance to play! think back to when we were reinstated in the international arena, how many of the players playing provincial cricket back then were kicking the door down to be in the Protea team; guys scoring 1500 runs a season and taking 100 wickets couldn't make the team! when last did you see a first class cricketer score 1500 runs or take a 100 wickets in a season? the chickens are here, and I hear them roosting.
  7. cool beans! from Brackenfell you can go either down Bottelary Rd over Devonvalley (in order to avoid Kayamandi) or you can go towards Polkadraai and enter Stb from that side. I'd do the latter, very nice road and very busy with fellow cyclists. I've made a route for you on Komoot... 2021-09-08_481643184_Morning Ride.gpx
  8. I’d go around Hout Bay, to Pinelands, towards Bellville, Brackenfell, Stellenbosch. Will look for gpx file on strava.
  9. Pehlukwayo for me is a weak link at 6/7. He has consistently underperformed as our so-called all rounder, with both bat and ball. That being said, not many have done much to get excited about. Markram is also not scoring the runs he should given his obvious talent. Im not even surprised we are in a position where we might fail to qualify for the 50 over WC. What irks me even more is that we just heard a full scale tour of England for next year, but why do we keep on getting 3 match test series??? (We all know why, still it just pisses me off).
  10. That delivery didnt seem quick but the clock dont lie… theres a clip on Youtube where he let one go, went over the batsman and ‘keeper, bounced once and over the boundary rope it went. That looked a hellava lot quicker than anything ive ever seen! the girls must like his flexible elbow i reckon Shebeen? 🤣
  11. Akhtar, flip that oke was dangerous in his prime. And even moreso with a cricket ball 😉
  12. Yes i agree with you @justinafrika and @Shebeen. CSA should have taught these players about proper nutrition and how to manage themselves etc. I get the idea that improper nutrition as a youngster has an impact, knowing how to manage ones weaknesses is as important as knowing how to manage your workload as a bowler etc. As a bowler you need to evolve constantly and improve your technique so as to have longevity - these are all things that could have made a difference under proper guidance. Saw a great doccie about my hero White Lightning and how he had to relearn how to run properly when he came onto the scene initially. Same can be said of DK Lillee, Wasim Akram etc on how to constantly improve in order to have a long career. Maybe thats down to the individual, but for me given our history and all that, CSA should have played a much bigger part in these players’ careers. And thats why i want to see our administrators being asked the tough questions on why these players were left to fail.
  13. its for all the energy bars on the 30km ride... haha
  14. Siemens EQ 6 500 plus, bought on Friday, still fine-tuning the multitude of settings 🙈
  15. Chat to @christovdw he lives in CW and rides there almost every other day. Lots of trails but there are one or two spots to be careful of because of significant drop-offs.
  16. Awesome thanks! Was curious as to Siemens’ reputation in coffee circles, you have given me some peace of mind, many thanks!
  17. My el-cheapo espresso machine is working hard, going through 1kg of Bootlegger beans every 3 to 4 weeks…
  18. yes they look very similar indeed! you say it works 100's for home use? at the moment im using a manual espresso machine with a separate grinder, it works fine, but SARS smiled on me and I'm thinking "why not..."
  19. I’m in the market for an automatic coffee machine, just for home use. Budget range is about 10k. Any thoughts on the Siemens?
  20. well thats me never riding there again... VAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARK STEAKS!
  21. A mate of mine is dabbling in the hot sauce market. Seems to be doing well. He is the owner of Superbike Solutions in Somerset West (strange combination I know…) Im not sure if he has a website up but I know he is active on FB. Juls Craft Sauce.
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