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  1. The Engen-to-Engen group does a route through Bryanston, Blairgowrie, Sandton and back (36 km). You can join them by being on Main road, near Grosvenor Crossing @ 04:30 - 04:45. Start riding with them on a Wednesday.
  2. Maybe there is then justification that we berate the 'I worked hard for my money and I'll buy the best' Hubbers. They sustain the exuberant prices we are currently witnessing. #Jealous
  3. There is a rumor that COFBA members will get a red border, allowed to use explicit words and get access to the secret chit-chat threads.
  4. Sorry I couldn't make it, struggled too much with getting in the 'online races' tab
  5. I am experiencing login issues with rouvy and cannot load any races. I hope everyone will be able to join
  6. Thanks. I understand everyone has a peak ability, I just felt that power is a better metric to use to compare between peers to gauge and adapt training. My initial question to Jeroen was regarding Philip Buy's 'readiness and fitness' before some big race I can't remember. Leading up to a big event, a pro should be able to compare their power metrics to others to determine their expectations or a way to adapt their training. Anyway, thanks for the explanation.
  7. I asked Jeroen Swart this during the "Power training" articles a few years back when training remains HR based for Pro's. Unfortunately I didn't get the answer I was looking for. I am sure at a certain point elite and pro cyclist reach their maximum fitness according to their heart rates and only their rest and general health influence their HR based metrics. Except the obvious 'skills and handling factor', how will someone differentiate their HR based training from Nino Schurter if they both perform a 20 min session @ 90% Max HR? I feel power becomes the metric to use. So realistically, no matter how much skills, bike-handling and even luck plays part, your 20 min and 3 min FTP will define your position in a race.
  8. JanJan


    The total point allocation on UCI's website is manually typed in. If you add all the points for the individual events, it looks like MvDP is ahead with +-2800 points. I think the website is just a bit outdated.
  9. I would be keen to join a 'group' ride a few evenings. Also a nice to have would be Teamspeak just to help dictate pace a bit.
  10. I would suggest so, depending on your bike's gearing. At a certain inclination, you can't spin-to-win and you would have to grind the pedals at low cadence. However, most people at these low cadence sections will get out of the saddle, which will feel a bit silly on an IDT.
  11. JanJan

    Rapha Festive 500

    Is Fanie Stofberg a Hubber? Looks like he owned 2019 with 25 000 km.. and 1000 km in the Rapha challenge
  12. Please don't derail another thread, stick to photos and banter.
  13. Discovery actually want to tell you how to live your life. I am thinking the next step to their 'comprehensive package' would be to enter the educational space. I am not negative about them knowing everything or forcing a person to live a certain way.
  14. I think it is related to seeding results that are obtained after a lady in A-batch can get a finish time faster than the winning women. It probably skews the beta values.. Just a guess however, but I am sure there is a reason behind it.
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