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  1. We had 14 Scandinavian mid-distance and cross-country athletes here at the backpackers over Dec'16/Jan'17. They spent 3 weeks working through a grueling altitude training regime, one of four altitude sessions per year for them. I am often asked by our cycling guests what the benefits are of altitude training other than increased red blood cell and oxygen advantages. Answers after a few Google searches have varied. Personally, living at 2100m above sea level makes me feel like a champ when I'm at lower alt. First day/night or two at lower alt, I feel like the Duracell bunny. What is your take?
  2. We've added a roof over the fire pit for all weather braai and bonfire. Was amazing to meet some Hubbers over Dec and Jan. We look forward to your visits!
  3. When we planned the Backpackers, we had cyclists in mind as our guests. This week I was spoilt with 3 cyclists visiting. First @henningvr did the uphill from hell muddy ride from Waterval Boven to visit us. We had a great time cycling chatting and we're connecting almost daily now, sharing thoughts on coffee, rides and the next visit, which will be an epic endeavor. Also arriving at my doorstep was two of the four member team from the Qhubeka Joburg 2 Kili cycling team. Gareth Pickering and Derrick Fourie decided to make Dullstroom Backpackers their last stopover en-route back home. What an amazing visit. Made friends for life. They took time to invite (on my request) our LBS owner and cycling guide, Callen Watson, over for a chat. We spent the evening re-living the highlights and heartships of their cycling journey to Kilimanjaro and ours towards the completion of the backpackers. Many hours of Youtube songs concerts and the occasional Jagermeister was involved. If these are the experiences of cyclists visiting our Backpackers, then I certainly made the right decision and look forward to any cyclist walking through our door, especially YOU, reading this post right now ;-)
  4. Welcome to our Dullstroom Backpackers family Henning! You are now our Mud King Super Enduro Braveheart Legs of Steel Hero! Had an awesome kuier with you and the wife. So looking forward to your next visit and hopefully an outride(After a few welcoming DBP coffees)
  5. Great Stuff! Hubbers have a special place here, but you'll have to come and see for yourself. Looking forward to your visit Uni!
  6. Thanks Pall! Excellent to finally meet you in person and cudos for the references. Looking forward to spending a weekend and chatting about all the routes.
  7. And we're up and running! Had an awesome weekend with Martin Bester from Jacaranda FM and his band, Kinky Robot. Also 3 Durbanites as walk inns on Sunday. Finally hooked a farmer and will be laying out private routes in the next few weeks. Pall Catt also came by last week, making him our second Hubber to visit! Here are some picaroos
  8. I am shopping for 3 rental bikes, but will cautiously say yes we will, at least two.
  9. Hi There Pall, Website is in my signature under my posts. We're washing bedding, ironing curtains and hanging pictures/decor. We are massively excited to host our guests for this weekend; Martin Bester(Jacaranda FM) and his band, Kinky Robot. The bar is in and the place is style'n. I'll post some pics tomorrow. Happy Dayz
  10. I'm filling our newly built dam and will be stocking it soon. In the meantime, any fly fishercyclingman can come and enjoy a fishing meets cycling weekend at ours. https://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/159223-mtbing-backpackers-in-dullstroom/
  11. Not on this old lady. She's built for long comfortable rides. I'd probably be left on the face down if I tried. This dude tho...
  12. This is me, BMW R1200C Customized. My father and I did the bike as a project.
  13. I recently switched from 29er to 27,5. I'm 1,86m tall. I enjoy it tremendously, but it is probably because I like to "throw" my bike around on single track. Ride both, test it thoroughly. Ride what is comfortable for you.
  14. It was difficult to approach the person, had my crying boy on my lap. Our community policing members are searching for him to get more details.
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