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  1. Download the Wahoo Utility App and make sure there isn't a firmware update for your Kickr. If there is, update it. Unplug your trainer for a minute or two and plug it back in. This allows your Kickr to resetDelete your TrainerRoad app and redownload to ensure the app isn't holding onto any data that is causing your Kickr to get weird readings.
  2. i waxed my beard once. Wont do that again!!!!!
  3. I would love to do this race. The only problem is that it is over the long weekend. To get accommodation is not easy and then they charge you an ass load because of the long weekend. That is why I think the number are so low this year
  4. I will be there on a SS also, not rigid......
  5. Shot answer, yes the carbon is that much better for racing It all depends if you want a bike to ride or a race rocket. You have not told us what you want the bike for. Racing or just riding weekend trails and the odd race I have the older carbon stumpjumper HT (2013 model) same as the current Epic ht carbon. The bike is a rocket, **** fast and stiff. I would go for the carbon if you want to race and have the money to pay for it. Remember that there is a lot of good bikes in the classifieds and you can pick up a propper FS for R 40 000 also
  6. Ok, this has been dead for a while. This weekend. Who will be there? Nice 23 deg on Saturday, will be nice for a long ride. I will be there with a few mates and beers.
  7. flat29


    you can do Sani on a hard tail. This was my weapon the weekend for the Sabie experience. 3 days with 1000 - 1200 m climbing a day 45km 46km and 38 km. You dont need a new bike
  8. What a great race. Was my first Sabie experiance. Have done 3 towers a few times. This was a great race. All the days were filled with lost of climbing but also with a lot of single track. The single track on the last day was the best I have ridden in a long time. Thanks to the organizers, sponsors, route builders the water points and everyone that helped in some way. The people and riders were friendly and we had a fun time. Will be back next year again to play in Sabie and to try and drink all the beer again.
  9. Thanks She will not do more than 10 km for now. That is her goal
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