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  1. Why don’t you just buy a new fork. There are numerous 2nd hand forks available on the hub. eg. Carbon fork for R700. It will give you peace of mind. It’s not nice going down a hill at 80km/h wondering if drilling your fork has weakened it.
  2. How Law abiding is that ??? Maybe you should go and read our Constitution
  3. To all you “ Pro Park Ranger Supporters” please don’t hold your breath for the independent investigation the Minister has implemented before you make a decision. It could take a year or 2 With the results of Commission of inquiries and independent investigations in this Country I don’t have any faith in this one. Take for example: The independent inquiry into SARS by KPMG The Commission of Inquiry into the Arms deal implemented by Zuma The inquiry into the former acting Commissioner of Police Khomotso Phahlane which has taken 2,5 years while he is sitting at home on full pay. The only way to deal with this is by opening a Criminal case against the Rangers for Assault with grievous bodily harm and let the courts deal with it. A question to the “Pro Park Rangers Supporters” is : How would you have dealt with this situation if it was your son ???
  4. Have you dropped the “non cycling section “ ?
  5. https://omny.fm/shows/afternoon-drive-702/eye-with-account-in-the-nick-dlamini-attack-by-ran
  6. I suggest you listen to this as well https://omny.fm/shows/afternoon-drive-702/eye-with-account-in-the-nick-dlamini-attack-by-ran
  7. I listened to it as well. I am sure that if video evidence was not produced they would be sticking to the story that he had injured himself. He did not come across well at all, refusing to answer Joanne Joseph’s questions. He lied and that’s it. Corrected
  8. Well if you read Donovan statement or listen to it on the 702 interview properly you would not write such a dumb post.
  9. Just heard the interview on 702 radio with Donovan the witness that filmed it . He said Nic’s bars were pulled causing him to fall as he excited the park.The video then shows what transpired. He had to stop filming as he was threatened.
  10. How right you are about having a good agent. It’s a known fact the agents or promoters can make or break a sportsman. A sportsman’s life at the professional level is limited. “ Make hay while the Sun shines”
  11. I live in the area of the old Lion Park and we have received this warning. The part of the route that goes on the R114 past the old lion park is going past this informal settlement. I hope the Police and the organizers are making arrangements to protect riders.
  12. xcd

    Yamaha eBike

    I wonder who are going to be the leaders in the future in the Ebike market ? The Bycycle manufactures. Or The Motorbike manufactures.
  13. I had gone over to see my son who was doing the Swiss Military at the time. Only when I got there did I see the race advertised. Borrowed a bike and did it. I was fit from racing in SA but had never experienced hills like that. I highly recommend it. Especially doing it the way MikeyB did it.
  14. I take my hat off for you. The 125 is hectic. Definitely a nice way to celebrate a 50th. With mates. Maybe repeat it for your 60 ???
  15. If I remember correctly the long one is 125 km with about 5500m climbing. I did the 42km and climbed 2500m in 27 km. The last 14 km was hectic fast. Wanted to go back to do the long one but never got around to do it. Have you done it ? Do you live in Switzerland?
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