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  1. Hey everyone - if anyone in Cape Town is needing to renew or get an Activity Permit, let me know. I need to get a new one, and it’s cheaper if you go together. R555 for one permit. If you go in a group it’s R555 for the first and then R200 per Permit thereafter.
  2. Stolen: SwiftCarbon Attack 2.0 2012 When: 28 July 2018 Where: Cape Town, Western Cape Broke into apartment and stole bicycle Get further details about the incident in the Stolen Bikes section
  3. Good evening everyone, my SwiftCarbon Attack 2.0 was stolen from my apartment in Gardens last night. Please keep a look out. It has white handle bars with black handlebar tape A Pro saddle A fizik saddle bag. The wheels are Shimano RS31 but the decals have been removed, so the wheels are jut black.
  4. Hey guys I live in Cape Town, and wanting to go away camping for a weekend with my bike, any ideas on places to stay with good MTB routes nearby? I'm sure there are so many places an hour or two away that are amazing, just need to find them!
  5. Hahaha well played, sir. I should have asked when the thread for 2017 would be started
  6. When does the 2017 weight loss challenge start? Missed out on 2016, so plenty to make up for this year!
  7. Oh, and they're on sale on Takealot at the moment: http://sport.takealot.com/sport-wahoo-fitness-tickr-ant-bluetooth-heartrate-belt/PLID41019883
  8. It doesn't need a head unit. I have one and it has great ease of use and compatibility. Links to anything with Ant+ or Bluetooth, and syncs automatically. Like was mentioned, I usually link mine to my Garmin Edge, but you can link the Wahoo app to Garmin Connect, Apple Health, Strava etc and it automatically pulls through there.
  9. Hi Guys Looking into Zwift to make indoor training a little more exciting. Does anyone have any reviews or feedback on it? Is it worth it? The monthly cost isn't expensive at all. Thanks
  10. This is a massive rave post. A little while ago I asked on the Hub about an Ant+ dongle, and where to get one. As usual, there were valuable responses. But a member of the Hub, Conrad ( @Riario ) , offered to give me one for free that he had lying around. I received it in the post today, which he wouldn't even let me pay for. It's acts of kindness like this that make the cycling community such a special place. All he asked of me was to pay the favour forward to someone else when I could. I'll definitely be doing that. Conrad, thanks so much.
  11. Thanks so much everyone. Conrad, it's people like you that make the cycling community a special place.
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