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  1. Letters from loved ones in box 3.
  2. Ahh I see there is a "Vehicle transfers" section on the site now. https://www.rooibos2muisbos.co.za/checklist-2/
  3. How does logistics work with this event? You get to the finish and have to cycle back to your car? #askingforafriend
  4. Yeah it's the top end speed and aeronessness (is that a word? it is now...) that will be the challenge in that first bit. I might just decide to let the gravel bikes go and not keep up and try pass all of those that explodes while climbing Swartberg hehe.
  5. The difficulty of the pass at the end sounds like it will determined by how deep you went before that! I'm going with my HT so not exactly the best weapon of choice. Gravel bikes will put down the hurt on the 100km of tar 🥺 Hope my 120mm of travel and dropper seatpost can be used somewhere though 🤪
  6. Attempting this one for the first time. I've always wanted to do it but always some scheduling issue my side. Who else going?
  7. Single digits for most of the night for sure. In May you will reach close to zero depending on where you are on the course about an hour before sunrise. It's freezing going down on other side of Rooiberg for example. I have not done one where you start at 15:00. All mine was a 18:00 start time which kinda helped cause it started getting cold already so the way you dress at the start is probably how you go through the night. I think in April ones I took a rolled up jacket with in my back pocket but had a long sleeve undervest on, then put the jacket on at CP1. Again the start time here was diff to what you deal with now. The climbs heat you up, the downhills cool you down so it's a tricky balance of not building up a massive sweat on the up that will freeze you to death on the downs. With the 15:00 start you might have less heat to deal with next day as well, but that also depends on your riding time. I didn't record more than 20C at 12:00 but I do remember 2017 it being very hot. Dump what you can in Calitzdorp box. PS: I didn't use leg warmers.
  8. Moment of the day for me... I'm sitting tucked in behind other bikes going down on other side of Smits. I don't have enough gears on my MTB to actually pedal down there so I just sit in an aero tuck with my dropper post down... Here comes this old tannie shouting she is passing on my right, I moved over... the guy ahead of me was not as courteous and she went ballistic... I tucked in behind her and used he as my bulldozer through the crowd
  9. Bleak I missed the @ start... was looking forward to race but cut my tire on the way in and was stranded. Instead found myself starting in the very last start group of the day and finished my lap at least as a fun rider. Things I noticed: We take basic bike handling for granted. Keep left pass right only seems to apply in a car and not on a bicycle. Ebikes are leka to sit behind on climbs. Some cyclists and spectators are mean to Ebikes. Some people thought I was on a Ebike... I questioned some of the bikes road worthiness as I sat behind them on downhills. Saw loads of punctures. Saw bunch crashes with there only 2 in a bunch. Charity groups seemed to have the most fun and gees! "Hold your line" on a fast downhill just scare people and when they look back at who is shouting it they don't hold their line. Ditto for passing on your right. There is actually quite a vibe at some of the waterpoints despite the weather! Going down Chappies with road closures are awesome, especially with everyone keeping left there for some reason Argus is what you make of it and your attitude towards it, if you racing... race hard... if you fun ridding... fun ride harder!
  10. I've done the same in the past as prep. It works well cause the route has so many waterpoints and you are surrounded by people always. To do a training ride like that is a mission so using this is perfect. Helps you sort out nutrition etc.
  11. WaldoZ

    Transbaviaans 2022

    Always gets me when guys look at the profile and say "oh first half is downhill" 🤣
  12. WaldoZ

    Transbaviaans 2022

    I was against the whole 5am start but after doing it at Karoo Burn and seeing the sunrise, I realized how leka it is to get lost in that moment.
  13. You gonna make me throw a shoe now…
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