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  1. Go and ride Tierpoort adventure farm last section(hill) its a beast and you can really push yourself to the max there
  2. Personally if it was me , id get a Giant Anthem
  3. The tierpoort adventure farm ( TAF) is some of the best MTB you will do in pta , be prepared to work hard ,
  4. I Love my LBS, its a two way street , because i buy from then regularly they know me , they know my bike, when i ask to order specific products i just drop them a mail, They confirm and bobs your uncle ill have the part within a week, When I send my bike in for shock service they make note, they follow up after the weekend to find out if all is good and the shocks are all working to my liking, 99 % on the time I cant find the product cheaper , and if i do i have the freedom to tell them , and they will match the price, Then again ..... some shops are better than others..! just my 2c
  5. Unfortunately 26 ers are not on high demand. so don't think you will be able to get more than R5k But you can use this as reference https://www.bicyclebluebook.com/
  6. @Naas Just want to find out , I ordered 2 Chain rings on 30 Nov The order is still saying processing , any idea what the hold up is? normally have my delivery the next day
  7. looks epic, would love one,
  8. Its brilliant , Have done it 3 times will do it every year if i can ,
  9. Danny Macaskil is a trick rider, yes very very technical and much better at making videos about riding down a trail than Nino,
  10. Just with reference on Nicoboshoff comment will he even qualify for finals , I think yes he will qualify for finals , do i think he will beat the top guys no
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