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  1. Boerklong


    ^^^Yup. If cash is not an option. Go 338 LapuaMag.
  2. Boerklong


    My 243 is my baby. 2 x 3 shot groups @ 100m
  3. My lightie styling it on his 65
  4. Boerklong


    I would choose between 6.5 Creedmoor and 308. 6.5 will only get you about 2500 shots of barrel life, where the 308 will easily do double that. Vihtavuori powder will add another couple of hundred shots over the hot burning S365 stretching the 6.5 to about 3000 shots. Vihtavuori is more expensive than Somchem, but it's easy to find and a more "stable" powder. The ,308 is less fussy when it comes to loading. Shooting to 1000m in good conditions we can swing a 400mm gong the whole day with 308 and 6.5
  5. Bought my 2 lighties a Surge Slingshot each. Decent bikes for R5k. 24spd with hidraulic brakes.
  6. *Highjack* Anybody know where I can get a remote for a Mibox S? *As you were*
  7. Nice. Also running oval. Not sure if there is a difference so I will just stick to it.
  8. Should change the topic to: Coronavrirus : Can I make GIANT CR70 wheelset tubeles ?
  9. Just spoke to AgriSa Agricultural activities to proceed as normal. According to AgriSa I can move freely within the borders of the farm as I wish. The fact that all workers will be on leave is a bonus so if I feel like, fishing, cycling or waterskiing with my family on the farm I can do as I please. AgriSa 021 860 8300
  10. PS. I'm not bending any rules to suit me and I'm not above the law. We have less people living in our town than some complexes in CPT. So standing on your stoep puts you at greater risk than me moving around on 2000ha.
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